Donna Chamberlain, National Practice Leader | BDO
Charlotte, NC

At BDO we believe in investing in our people beyond just a business knowledge standpoint. We want to support self growth and encourage a wholistic approach to building a meaningful career at BDO.

Inviting Catherine to speak to our men and women about expressing their personal style in the marketplace was the perfect extension of that approach, and fit right in to this quarter's theme of promoting self-confidence. She was engaging and truly understood how to mix personal style with self expression while still maintaining professionalism in the industry. Our team found her to be easy to talk to and left with easy tips to being our best most confident selves!


Charlotte, NC

In two quick, easy and FUN appointments, Catherine helped me discard current clothes that no longer were a good fit and also got me well on my way to a new wardrobe that I love. I couldn't believe we got so much done so fast. HIGHLY recommend.


Jackie McFee
Founder JACK!E Studios

It has been my experience that there are very few things in this world that actually exceed your expectations. Catherine Horgan, however, has proven me wrong. Passionate, talented, professional, detailed, clever, and pretty much über fabulous in every sense of the word. And then there are her shoes.


State College, PA

So I've tried StichFix and Nordstrom personal shopping a couple of times now and hands down my best outfits and favorite items come from collaborating with you. You get me. You challenge me. You make sense. You are in high demand for a reason.


Charlotte, NC

I’m back from LA and just wanted you to know that the dress was a huge hit on the red carpet! Someone actually came up to me and asked me who I was wearing. Now I'm ready for spring shopping. Thank you so much for another successful styling session!


Charlotte, NC

Before our style session, I was very discouraged with my wardrobe and how things fit. But today you managed to make me feel lighter by shedding the clothes that didn’t work and getting me excited about the prospect of turning this aspect of my life around. You have given me a sense that it can actually be done — and it might end up being fun. It was certainly fun today! So thank you. I look forward to our next outfit-making session. It was a pleasure to work with you!


Heidi Latham, National League of Junior Cotillions
Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for speaking at our 2010 and 2014 National League of Junior Cotillions national convention in Charlotte! It was very much a pleasure having you instruct our directors on the best ways to present themselves for their classes and events. I can't tell you how many directors enjoyed your segment. Looking forward to the next conference held in Charlotte. Thank you again!


Cornelius, NC

Wow! Thank you for the endless combinations that make up tons of outfits! In addition to all the outfits, I really appreciate that you got me into clothes that fit better (smaller size!). I thought they'd feel tight and uncomfortable, but they don't! Also, I really love all the new color combination you introduced to me. It's funny that I can do color in other aspects of my life, but for some reason, until you, I felt timid about wearing color. Thank you for all your hard work!


Rock Hill, SC

I got so many compliments on my summer wardrobe, selected and coordinated by you, that I must shop with you every season. Again, you hand picked my fall wardrobe that suits my style and every occasion in my life. You are worth every penny!


Matthews, NC

I enjoyed every minute of our style sessions together and can't wait until our next one! My closet — and my style — have a whole new life. Thanks to you!


Charlotte, NC

It was a pleasure working with you. You have a great talent working with clothes and people. I am so enjoying all the outfits we put together. In fact, that night after you left I was so excited I could not get to sleep! I went to my luncheon the next day and wore the 'yellow top and red shoes outfit' and was the most colorful in the room. I loved it! Thank you for teaching me to be more selective with what I buy. I will no longer try to make something work just because I bought it. Instead, I will only buy what's right for me based I what I learned from you. Thanks for everything!


Concord, NC

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help. It was the best experience and gave me great confidence in my style. Getting an outfit together is so much easier and less time-consuming for me now. I even manage to stay in the same outfit all day. It is such great feeling to be able to run errands, pick up the kids from school and even go to dinner without changing 3 times! You changed the way I think about clothes and how I wear them and I am so thankful for your help. I've referred to my photos several times and have added most of the items you suggested. I don't know how I ever lived without leggings and boots in my closet!

Charlotte, NC

Thank you for all of your advice, guidance and hard work in my closet. I feel like I have a totally new wardrobe without buying a thing! It is so much easier to walk in and pick out an outfit that I like and feel good wearing. We absolutely met all of my goals and I cannot wait to get together again this upcoming season.

Davidson, NC

Not only are you seriously skilled in purging a closet and putting outfits together (can't wait to get together again soon), but you are also super quick to pick up the wardrobe items I need, making my life easy and stress-free. Thank you!

Mint Hill, NC

Thanks to you, for the first time in history I didn't feel the need to shop for the season. You showed me that I had everything I needed already. And you opened my eyes to new ideas, working with the wardrobe I have and utilizing many of the pieces in fresh ways. No more buying clothes willy nilly. Everything from here on out has a purpose.

Charlotte, NC

You have forever changed the way I think about clothes and how I wear them. I cannot thank you enough for such insight into my personal style and lifestyle. It's such a relief knowing that I have you as my style lifeline.

Charlotte, NC

Thank you for packing me for my multi-destination international trip, putting my travel outfits together with every last detail. You took away any pre-trip anxiety I had. And I really appreciate the adjustments you made when the weather changed unexpectedly. A life saver you are!

Charlotte, NC

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