wardrobeupdating1Sometimes, your style personality dictates that your wardrobe take on a fresh new look. Perhaps you just landed that promotion at work. Or, you are transitioning from stay-at-home mom or dad to working mom or dad or vice versa. Whatever your circumstances, determining what to buy and where to buy it can be a bit daunting. Enter: Closet of Style®. We take the guesswork out of the equation and help to make the metamorphosis a smooth and completely manageable one.

Updating your wardrobe is a journey ... a fun and exciting one. We start by taking inventory of your existing wardrobe, identifying the key pieces that will transition with you. We make a list of the items needed to bridge the gap, as well as a progressive list that will serve you for years to come. Then, we shop.

Because this is a new phase in your life, a quarterly check-up is highly recommended.

Breathe. You have help. Book your wardrobe updating style session today.

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Wardrobe updating is a three-pronged approach. We begin with the wardrobe analysis. Second, we shop to fill in the gaps. And third, we coordinate outfits with the new and existing contents of your wardrobe. Each style session lasts at least two hours and is billed at my hourly rate.

photo by Vogue Britain 2010

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