seasonalwardrobeupdating1The upcoming season is upon us and you’re still bewildered by the season we’re currently in. You dread the thought of getting dressed in the mornings. Uninspired. Unmotivated. So, you do what you always do ... you reach for your ‘uniform’. I can hear your scream for help from here.

Busy men and women deserve wardrobe planning services. Whether it be monthly, quarterly or transitionally (in between seasons), Closet of Style® answers your fashion emergencies.

During our planning sessions, we’ll ascertain your core wardrobe pieces and ensure there are numerous outfit pairings for each. We’ll make a list of those needed items and plan a shopping trip in order to complete your seasonal wardrobe. The best part of all ... we’ll put together two weeks’ worth of outfits for you at the beginning of each season to get your creative juices flowing.

You’re smiling. You feel understood. And now, you have help. Book your seasonal wardrobe planning session today.

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Seasonal wardrobe planning consists of the analysis, lasting at least two hours, in addition to scheduling a shopping trip. Billed at my hourly rate.

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