coloranalysis1Color is everything. Color is power. Knowing that power is critical to almost every event in your life. In one instance, color can bring you to life, center stage! While in another, can leave you fading into the background. Both have their place, in certain circumstances of course, but knowing when and how to use them, respectfully, is a gift.

Having an understanding of color and the role it plays in your particular lifestyle is key. By determining the colors that best suit your natural coloring, Closet of Style® will provide recommendations on those signature pieces for your wardrobe built around your colors. In addition, you will receive a Color Pocket Guide for your handbag — the perfect companion for all of your shopping excursions.

Colors are not provided by season. Instead, they are customized by warm/cool tonality based on your complexion, eye color and hair color.

Benefit from the power of color. Let’s get started! Book your color analysis today.

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A color analysis is billed at a flat rate of $425.

photo by Vogue Britain 2010

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