Known in the industry for her meticulous attention to detail, Catherine Horgan, along with her team of testers, keeps everyone on top of the latest and greatest finds in fashion, beauty and skin care. Products are reviewed on a monthly basis, however, may be included in article spotlights or video highlights from time to time. [my] style files, via Closet of Style, adheres to fastidious guidelines, while providing honest, yet entertaining, reviews.

[my] style files was created and developed as a means to disseminate information pertaining to the fashion, beauty and skin care industries. What could not be predicted was the cult following that evolved, largely in part to the 'What To Wear' articles, the seasonal must haves and the product reviews. Since its inception in 2007, [my] style files has experienced tremendous growth. Built upon education, it should come as no surprise that the monthly product reviews receive a ton of traction on the blog — and consequently, they are responsible for peak traffic in any given month.

Interested in bringing awareness to your product? Please contact us to learn how you may be selected for inclusion in our monthly product reviews or product giveaway sponsorships.

People can’t get enough of the reviews — they look forward to them every month! It’s important to give folks a solid understanding of how a product performs before they buy. They trust the team of testers and base their purchasing decisions on the reviews.

- Catherine Horgan


[my] style files is popular among a mostly female audience with an age range of 25-65. Most impressively is the fact that the average visitor spends well over 12 minutes on the site. [my] style files is a community, a learning center, a comfy place to call home.

The team of testers are not paid to review products. However, products are supplied as samples for review purposes.

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