Don't be jealous. My cortisol levels rock. All thanks to the addition of this powerhouse adaptogen.

When we are under any sort of pressure, we release cortisol, often called the primary stress hormone. Most people think of cortisol as a bad thing, contributing to acne, weight gain or high blood pressure. However, we can't live without it. It helps keep us motivated, awake and responsive to our environment. The danger lies in abnormally high circulating cortisol levels. Chronic, high cortisol production is tied to symptoms and ailments including weight gain, anxiety, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances and fertility problems, among others. Thank goodness there are natural ways to get your cortisol levels in check. Adaptogen herbs are known to lower cortisol and reduce inflammation in the body, resulting in an energized and happy you.

Ionix Supreme is a nutrient-rich herbal tonic infused with natural vitamins, minerals and plant-based adaptogens, perfect for combating the effects of stress and fatigue. This herbal supplement energizes cells, helps neutralize free radicals, buffers the body from environmental toxins and stress and supports clarity and focus — with no artificial stimulants.

Daily grind — what's that?


If you happened to follow my recent family vacation, you know that I am starting over with jewelry. I needed space for a couple months. However, I do believe I am ready to venture out.

My husband and I went to look at rings last weekend. We have very different thoughts on what this new beginning should look like. I am all about minimal bands. He is all about the solitaire diamond (with the bands). 

One thing is for certain, neither of us were prepared to throw caution to the wind when our friend, Jennifer, whipped out a rockstar diamond pinky ring. Whoa! Who knew I would fall for such a piece. Without hesitation we were all in. Hey, this can count as the solitaire, right?

We left elated with our crazy impulsive tiny bling ring, and with the bands to come. He wants to add the solitaire down the road, but honestly, I think in time I will convince him otherwise. What we landed on is perfect. 

It doesn't take much to make a statement, if done in the right way. What I call tiny but mighty pieces. Like the gold/diamond Fusion Interstellar ring by Astley Clarke. Gorgeous goodness that doesn't have to hit you over the head to get noticed.


Available at Farfetch



beekmanfacialsoapI love natural skin care. However, finding a facial soap that makes me swoon is few and far between.

Enter: Beekman 1802, The ONE Bar.

The concept is great — clean, moisturize and tone in one step. However, as much as my skin loves this cleansing bar, I need (or maybe it's just that I want) my serum and moisturizer afterwards.

Natural goat milk and farm fresh egg whites make this a rock star product. The light scent of lavender and lemongrass from essential oils is a nice touch. It lathers beautifully with my Mia. It does sting your eyes if you're not careful, but totally worth it, in my opinion. The ceramic dish makes it stylishly cute and convenient to display by your sink. 

Truly, this makes a great gift for men and women. And at $15, you may want to stock up, as well!


Boots are my shoe of choice come October. And October is almost here!

Charlotte Olympia, my shoe designer crush, has given us something groovy to drool over, and wear of course. Meet Millie. She embodies modern glamour. Featuring a broad, sculptural heel and thick platform, this suede beauty is a must this fall. I have to say Stuart Weitzman even did a take on this look (those, too, are fabulous). I'm all over it!



Oh, how I wish it were that time.

Time to wear weighted elegance, in the form of this gorgeous Gucci wool natté coat.

I am a sucker for ivory coats, first off. Let's add to that, Italian made. And finally, the fact that this style is timeless with the double-breasted closure and notched lapels. Covered buttons, to boot!

While the heat is still lingering, my mind is elsewhere, waiting to embrace the cooler months. Yes, even the frigid temps on the northern lacrosse fields. After all, that means I get to layer!

Available at Luisaviaroma