As I head out of town for a very wet lacrosse tournament, I wondered how many of you are in the same boat (almost literally, with this weather). Though I packed my hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, I'm not sure I'll need them. Instead, I'm wishing it wasn't too hot to wear my rain boots.

Alas, one must be prepared. My recommendations for rainy weather — jeans over shorts, light cotton tee, hooded rain coat (and umbrella), converse sneakers, easy beaded bracelets, lax watch, ginormous bag filled with all the things I'll need if the sun comes out and a cooler full of healthy snacks and energy drinks for the boys.

At all costs, I'll find a tent to duck under.

Oh dear goodness. It's that time already?

Putting on a bathing suit for the first time of the season is always a dreaded moment for me. While I've been doing Pure Barre and running 3 miles 5x/week each, this body still isn't quite ready for the reveal. Then there's the pasty white skin situation, combined with lovely veins. This girl needs a spray tan.

One thing is for certain, I have high hopes this summer. Of the many things on my agenda, visiting a vein clinic is one of them. It will make getting into a swimsuit much easier.

Here's to the sun! The cool ocean water. Sailing. Snorkeling. Tubing. Surfing. And every other water sport you partake in this summer.


Photo from Harper's BAZAAR Australia

Just another obsession.

I can't seem to get enough of gorgeous long dresses with major impact. Thanks to Marc Jacobs, here's a timeless investment piece to add to your wardrobe. This stunning column dress needs nothing (except you, of course). It speaks volumes all on its own.

Long and luxe, baby!

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sheerwithbandeauThis spring, there are more opportunities to experiment with sheer fabrics.

From flowy sheers to print sheers to barely there sheers.

You can't walk into a store without seeing a plethora of playful numbers. They are everywhere. And it's up to you to determine the best route to take. 

Prints are fun. They tend to provide a bit more mystery. Flowy sheers are perfect for pairing with something fitted. And barely there sheers scream for creative layering.

While sheer fabrics — in tops, dresses and skirts — are feminine and beautiful, the right underpinnings are critical for pulling off the look with class. With the amount of bandeaus, bralettes, thin metallic tanks and shapewear, it's time to branch out.

So, have some fun!

Photo from Preppie Bettie

golftourneyoutfitIt's here!

The Wells Fargo Championship is underway. Are you going?

While I'm diggin' the concept of the bermuda suit for spring and for a golf tournament, I thought I'd explore the cutout sundress for a touch of feminine flair. This floral dress from TOPSHOP is definitely worthy of a second and third glance. Topped off with the perfect hat, sandals and sunglasses, there's no doubt you will be watching the tournament in style. Simple accessories are all that are needed to complete this look.

Oh, and don't forget your sunscreen.