That is what I long for at the end of the day. Something soft against my skin.

I am loving this relaxed SUNDRY jersey jumpsuit. And while I'd want to live in it around the house daily, I would venture outside in it.

The nice thing about jumpsuits, they can be worn most of the year, making them super versatile. And did mention comfortable?

Available at ShopBop

SMdressIt's the beginning of black tie season. And I'm all it.

With several events over the upcoming weeks, I'm not only dressing my clients, I am dressing myself. This happens to be my favorite of the moment.

Stella McCartney hit the mark with this purple gown cut from satin-twill that skims the body, creating a sinuous silhouette. This elegant design has a split skirt and knotted straps at the back. So gorgeous. 

A show stopper for sure (for one of my clients)!

As you know, I am a big fan of black tie events. Moments like these are few and far between, so take advantage of the opportunity and create your own red carpet scene. 

Available at Net-a-Porter


It's about to get cold. Really cold.

In fact, Wednesday morning is projected to be a whopping 11 degrees.

I am actually giddy about it. After all, it's a little ridiculous that I could walk outside today in jeans and a blouse with rolled up sleeves, sans jacket. It's January! It's supposed to be cold. We have cashmere scarves, sherpa-lined boots and fur coats for a reason. 

The only difficulty in bundling up, is the unforgiving blast of frozen air as I leave my big coat in the car and run into the mall and boutiques to take clients shopping. Anything for my clients. 

Have you stepped up to the style challenge with layers? If you haven't, start getting acquainted with the specifics. It will certainly come in handy this week. 

And when in doubt, grab another layer!

Photo from Brunello Cucinelli

Just as one holiday comes to a close, another one begins.

Every second of the Christmas holiday spent with family was wonderful. It was also filled with delicious food, temptatious treats and unending bubbly. I don't think I will fit into a dress for New Year's Eve!

Something that easily adjusts with a fluctuating waistline — fabulous accessories. This New Year's Eve, consider glamalicious accessories with a jumpsuit. Or anything understated, for that matter, in order to make your clutch, shoes or jewelry the center of attention.

Celebrate your awesome 2014 and usher in a truly amazing 2015.


Photo from My Theresa

It's that time. Festive up!

I love the holidays. Especially dressing my clients for all their parties and events.

This time of year, it just makes sense to put on something special and be merry with those around you. Don't get me wrong, I am all about mixing it up — tee and long formal skirt with riding boots, feather skirt and blouse with moto boots or shorts and tee with jacket and .HholidaysensmablsI don't have to be tyi-cat. It's .Wwhasevef youfancyg it to b)!

end If youcaon'tfigture itbou, .calt m)!


Photo fromun knoon surnce

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