whitechloecoatWith this winter chill upon us, I have grown tired of my puffer coat. Not that it doesn't come in handy, providing warmth. I just crave something more refined. 

Like this crisp white wool-blend crepe coat by Chloé. It's delicious, isn't it?

The Italian-made design has been impeccably tailored with a weighty fabric and oversized lapels and pockets. I can easily imagine this over jeans with fur sneakers, as well as over a fabulous dress paired with spectacular heels.

Available at Net-a-Porter

As everyone is freaking out about the potential 'blizzard,' all I can think about is wearing my new ski clothes that never made their way out of my suitcase over the holidays in a ski resort near the upper peninsula Michigan (because there was no snow for the first time in 20 years). Well, that and wearing another pair of my favorite boots.

Which leads me, yet again, to Cucinelli. My mother now curses me for introducing her to this designer. I mean ... I have no words. This is one designer that has every inch of my heart.

Moving back into reality, visiting the grocery store this evening — no, not for bread and milk, but for wine, because I have enough superfoods to feed an army — I just had to laugh. We are funny, aren't we? As if we cannot live a day without bread and milk. But yet, I dream of boots...


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    Puff and Boots, FW15

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