meettheteacheroutfitIt's that time of year. Back to school. Woohoo! Are you as excited as I am? Routine, structure ... it's all good ... and so needed after a summer of fun and relaxation.

Depending on where you live, school may already be in session, starting this week or starting after Labor Day weekend. For those of you who are getting ready to meet the teacher, here's a simple formula to keep you balanced, comfortable and, of course, stylish!

Casual + Glam = Fun + Unexpected

Mixing white jeans with a black sequins tee provides a great vibe. It says, 'I've enjoyed my summer, and while I'm fondly preparing for fall, I'm embracing my spirited side.' It also says that you don't mind taking risks, even if they aren't huge ones. Whether you choose your neutral wedge or black chucks, either works, giving a slightly different spin on the look.

You won't want to carry your big handbag through the crowded hallways, so grab a wristlet, clutch or pochette. Add hoop earrings, a few hinged cuffs and a colorful, vintage ring and you're set.

Enjoy the excitement wrapped up in the day for your children meeting their new teacher, seeing their friends and reminiscing about the summer. Once school begins, it's off to the races!

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