When you are hanging at the lake for the weekend, you don't wear much. It can be quite liberating to be so low maintenance. However, it's important to take along the key essentials to ensure a wonderful summer weekend away!

As you will be living in a bathing suit, pack 2-3 to have on hand. Bring a couple pairs of shorts, a tank top and a kaftan to utilize as cover-ups in the day, and as outfits at night. Don't forget sunglasses (pack a second pair, as one will undoubtedly find its way to the bottom of the lake), a hat, flip-flops (try cork versus rubber, they don't get as hot in the sun) and sunscreen. You might also consider packing waterproof mascara, tinted lip balm with SPF and a cool pair of brass earrings. It goes without saying that you'll need toiletries (saline solution for your contacts ... and serums and moisturizers for parched skin), intimate apparel and sleepwear. Now, go enjoy yourself on the water!

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