April showers often segue into the month of May. After having just come back from New York City with three full days of non-stop rain, I can attest that what you wear determines how productive you will be. Your gear is of the utmost importance. You cannot live without a good raincoat, umbrella and boots (wellies or patent leather boots will do). Add a scarf for warmth. Stick with you basics for jewelry, perhaps just a pair of hoop earrings. If you have to carry a handbag (though, I highly recommend putting your travel wallet, lipstick and phone in your coat pockets), make sure it's water resistant (or go patent).

Rain only dampens the situation if you let it. When you are properly prepared, you can walk the streets of New York from 8am until midnight (or later). An easy way to brighten your day is with color. Spring offers such glorious colors, so choose a red raincoat and pair it with an orange scarf and yellow handbag. Comfortable, stylish and fun!


Now you are ready for your meetings, shopping or anything else you have planned that involves walking the city streets.

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