Having just returned from the most fabulous week in Petoskey, MI, I can attest that smart packing will keep you looking and feeling comfortable and stylish. To achieve 'Up North' style, less is more and more is less. Meaning, you can pack less items in your suitcase, however, you need to ensure your clothing is of a heavier weight (or you'll end up shopping upon arrival).


The weather is cooler up north and wind is always present. While the temperatures can drop 20 degrees in a given day, don't let that fool you into thinking your skin doesn't need sun protection. Remember to always apply sunscreen when outdoors. And keep your excursions in mind when packing. You will want a mini messenger bag for that day trip into Mackinaw Island, in addition to cute sneakers for riding your bike around the island.

Whether you are relaxing lakeside or shopping in town (or in Harbor Springs), numerous outfits can be coordinated from a couple pair of jeans, three cotton tees, four pairs of shoes, three sweaters/jackets, two handbags and two pieces of jewelry (my recommendation, one pair of earrings and a leather wrap bracelet that never comes off). You'll want shoe options and a casual leather clutch for shopping or dinner out.

Men, same rules apply. Two pairs of shoes should do it (sneakers and flip-flops) and you won't need the clutch or jewelry.

Now that you have packing peace of mind, go enjoy your vacation Up North!

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