While resort season may infer a tropical destination, that doesn't mean your excursion can't involve a little (or a lot) of snow. If you plan to hit the slopes this February, packing the right items will make the world of difference. Of course, looking cute (to boot) is a bonus!

Here are the essentials you will need for a pleasant and playful ski vacation:

Under Layers
  • Light-weight, dry fit long underwear bottoms
  • Dry fit compression long sleeve athletic top
  • Breathable (or non-breathable ... depending upon your personal cold factor) fleece
  • Smartwool socks

Outer Layers
  • Great fitting, vented ski pants
  • Ski coat or shell
  • Super warm gloves
  • Cushioned ski boots
  • Comfortable, fitted ski helmet and goggles

For Your Skin
As for a little après ski in-the-evening inspiration, how about a knit/fur dress, fierce tights, shearling-lined boots, a fabulous parka, fuzzy earmuffs and accessories with many pops of cheerful color. Your chateau awaits!
Resort season is under way. Where are you headed?

Assuming it's tropical, packing is light and easy ... just like your dress code. Think mix and match bathing suits, fabulous cover up and sandals, big hat, sunglasses, serious sunscreen, water and cozy towel for snooze time. Of course, if you have trouble catching a nap, a good book or magazine is definitely in order.

After the sun, think fun — both your outfit and your evening! Channel the colors of spring with a fabulous floral dress, sporty stripe cardigan, bold heels (or fantastic flats, if you must) and neutral accessories. This kind of light-hearted flair will keep you in the zone!


Wondering how to pack less without sacrificing style? Here are some great tips on how to pack a small suitcase for a casual extended weekend away. The clincher, one pair of pants and one pair of shoes! Could you do it? You might be surprised at how efficient you can be.

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