Yours truly made a guest appearance on Fox News Rising's Wardrobe Wednesday, discussing how to solve those everyday fashion emergencies!
It's January. 2010, I might add. It's high time you focus on, well ... you. After all, you spent the last three months juggling home, work and the craziness of the holidays. Perhaps even the entire last year doing everything for everyone but yourself. Therefore, I declare January 'Make Life Easier' month.

That list you've been working on with regard to your wardrobe? Let's start crossing things off, item by item. There's no better time to bring me into your closet to purge those items that no longer serve you. A fresh perspective on your existing wardrobe to coordinate outfits that you probably never thought of. Not only will you gain more mileage out of your wardrobe, you will be re-energized and motivated to express your style. Time to clear the clutter!

Perhaps you want to focus on identifying your personal style. With a few style exercises, we'll channel your inner stylista. We’ll discuss your lifestyle and how it currently relates to your wardrobe. We’ll determine potential gaps in your closet to help make the transition to a fulfilled wardrobe a smooth and pleasant journey.

Once you have a well-equipped closet suited to your lifestyle, let's ensure those gaps, large or small, are filled. A shopping trip may be just what you need. And January sales make it an ideal time to get this accomplished. When you shop with me, you will learn about style, cut and, the ever important, fit. Only items that suit your style, body shape and coloring make it to the cash register. Those mistakes hanging in your closet that you kick yourself over ... you will never make those mistakes again after shopping with me.

January is all about you. Let's make life easier for you this month. At least when it comes to your wardrobe.
BangaloreI don't do sweats. Don't own them and never will. Lounge pants, on the other hand ... yes. One pair — my Bangalore pants from YOGAMAT.

I must confess, my stylish friends. I lived in my Bangalore pants through the Thanksgiving holiday. Don't get me wrong, I did wear my version of the Thanksgiving lounge outfit I put together for you. I also wore comfy layered tees with my favorite Goldsign Desire stretch flare jeans (that, by the way, have been discontinued, which has forever saddened me and I'd give just about anything to get my hands on a new pair).

What's so great about the Bangalore lounge pant is their versatility. They look great with running attire, they look great under tunics and shirt dresses, and, it goes without saying, they look and function fabulously in yin yoga and pilates class. YOGAMAT also makes my favorite yoga pant for hot yoga, the Pondicherry. The same genius fabrics are utilized so they breathe, they hold up wash after wash (they still look new) and they move with me. If you are an avid yoga practitioner, buy several pairs of your favorites. You will live in them and absolutely love them!
There couldn't be a better time to purge your closet. It's April. The sun shines brighter ... the weather is warmer ... the grass is greener ... the dogwoods, azaleas and wisteria are in bloom — bringing much excitement. With that excitement comes the opportunity to add color back into our lives. I can't tell you how thrilled I was today to pull out my Spring dresses. My closet seemed to smile back at me, saying "thank you".

Everyone can benefit from a fresh perspective. A new way of looking at their wardrobe. Sometimes, it takes the eye of a professional to help bring your closet to life, filling it with possibility and passion. And the key ingredient is you — your personal style. That mixed with dressing for your body shape, and you are on your way to a fulfilled wardrobe! A wardrobe designed around you. How you live. Your style. Giving you back that spring in your step that's been missing. It's magic, really.

Looking "pulled together" is always at the top of my clients' lists. And it's easily accomplished together. Your style personality, my expertise. We make a great team! And at the end of the day when you think you may have forgotten all those fabulous outfits we put together, do not fret. Every item is documented so that, the next time you step into your closet, you have something to refer to. The end result: getting dressed in a flash + a boatload of confidence!

So, say good-bye to your winter wardrobe. And welcome Spring with open arms!

How can you get more mileage out of your wardrobe? Check out the video and learn how to take some of your summer pieces and wear them all year long.