Part two of the style challenge. Are you game?

This has been a difficult undertaking. Participating myself, I know. The weather is unceasing. But it only puts a damper on this transitional season if you let it. Spring brings much inspiration. It's your guide for day-to-day dressing.

Let's add some layers to the challenge, shall we.
  1. All rules apply from Challenge #1.
  2. Bottom half goes into the equation now β€” i.e., mint green jeans, long sleeve shirt layered underneath a navy sleeveless blouse and an ivory leather jacket.
  3. Feel free to work your spring dresses into the mix. Layer over or under.
  4. Bring out the shorts! Who says it's too early. It's all about working the right pieces. And a faux glow.
  5. Spring prints are ready for some action. Let them out to play, even if you have to layer a sweater over your top with your print pants, skirts or shorts.
  6. Lighten up with colors and materials. Cold snaps will happen, so keep wraps, scarves and jackets nearby.
  7. Boots work easily into spring, shorties especially. However, feel free to bring out your wedges and heels.
How's the challenge going so far? I'd love to hear from you.

Photo from Harper's Bazaar April 2014

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