The first style challenge of 2014 is here! And it couldn't be more fitting for this transitional season. While it may be difficult at times, it is definitely doable. And entertaining. In two weeks, I will add layers to this challenge. So get ready!

Challenge #1 Rules:
1. Watch the video.
2. In your closet, start with the item in your 'tops' section that is first in order. For example, if your closet is organized by sleeve length and color, your first top will most likely be white and sleeveless. How you choose to layer is up to you, whether under or over, or both! If you skip a top, I won't know (but you will, so make a mental note of why). You can pair this top with any bottom in your closet, or even a dress.
3. The goal is to wear every single top, spring or fall related, now in preparation for the upcoming season. You will gain a new spring in your step. Literally. 
4. Don't worry about spring dresses, skirts, pants and shorts yet. Although, I do not want to hold you back if you are ready to jump in. Balance and climate appropriateness are key.
5. If you get frustrated, don't give up. Sometimes, we need to press the pause button. No worries.  

I already know what my spring-like ensemble will look like for tomorrow. How about you?

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