BangaloreI don't do sweats. Don't own them and never will. Lounge pants, on the other hand ... yes. One pair — my Bangalore pants from YOGAMAT.

I must confess, my stylish friends. I lived in my Bangalore pants through the Thanksgiving holiday. Don't get me wrong, I did wear my version of the Thanksgiving lounge outfit I put together for you. I also wore comfy layered tees with my favorite Goldsign Desire stretch flare jeans (that, by the way, have been discontinued, which has forever saddened me and I'd give just about anything to get my hands on a new pair).

What's so great about the Bangalore lounge pant is their versatility. They look great with running attire, they look great under tunics and shirt dresses, and, it goes without saying, they look and function fabulously in yin yoga and pilates class. YOGAMAT also makes my favorite yoga pant for hot yoga, the Pondicherry. The same genius fabrics are utilized so they breathe, they hold up wash after wash (they still look new) and they move with me. If you are an avid yoga practitioner, buy several pairs of your favorites. You will live in them and absolutely love them!

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