There is no better way to usher in holiday style for your home than with Lisa Sherry Interieurs. Lisa, along with her seriously stylish team, hosted their second Mixology event here in Charlotte last Thursday.

This exclusive event always grabs the attention of those who love to live in eclectic elegance. And Merry Mixology took it to a new level — Jeffre Scott presenting the holiday smoky eye and yours truly presenting haute holiday style inspired by your home.

With those in attendance, the fabulous factor was through the roof!

See if you can spot what home décor item I am wearing (far left) in the picture below as an example of how your home can inspire your personal style.
Just last week, I conducted a Style Discovery Workshop for my youngest audience yet. I was pleasantly surprised at how insightful this group of 13-19 year old girls were. The workshop was designed around self discovery — understanding who you are in order to better express your style with confidence, rather than following the crowd.

As adults (and for me, as a personal stylist), we have the incredible opportunity to positively impact the youth of today. We can do this by supporting, encouraging and reinforcing the beauty of who they are. It's a basic fundamental, but one that holds such power. For more information on one of the many Style Discovery Workshops, please feel free to contact me.
Most of us have had one experience or two ordering internationally. And while the majority of websites and catalogs do their best to help us determine the right size, it can be daunting. Another factor which rarely is clarified is the particular fit from a particular designer, whether that be clothing or shoes. I cannot tell you how sad and frustrated I have been just when I think I have found the absolute perfect shoe in my size (high-end designer and on sale) only to realize how terribly off I was on size.

Granted, every designer is different - even within the size charts below. However, use these charts as your standard guide for converting sizes internationally. If you are purchasing clothing or shoes from a designer you have never worn before, I highly recommend taking the time to email or call customer service to provide the most accurate details in sizing.

clothing1 Shoes shoes
We talk a lot about fashion and style. What is most important, though, is understanding what works for your body. Before you step out and splurg on the summer’s hottest trends, be sure you know who you are shopping for - YOU. What’s your body type? Though they are many components that go into dressing, and really six body types, we are going to cover just the four basic body types: hourglass, rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle. There are variables within each of these body types, such as long, short or proportionate. However, this should give you a good gauge.

scarlett_johansson.thumbnailHourglass Width of shoulders and hips/thighs are similar. Waist tends to be 8-10 inches smaller than hips or bust. Balanced body with emphasis on bust and hips. Your goal is to emphasize your shoulders and neckline to lead attention up toward your face. In addition, you should aim to minimize bust and hip fullness.

gwynethpaltrow.thumbnailRectangle Width of shoulders and hips/thighs are similar. No defined waist. Body lines are straight. Balanced body. Most manufacturers design clothes for the rectangle body type. Your goal is to minimize your waist and create curves. You will want to emphasize above your waist to lead attention inward and up toward your face.

jlovehTriangle Wider hips/thighs. Narrow shoulders. Bust size small to average which tends to be smaller than hips. The goal here is to minimize the hips/thighs and create fullness above the waist. Keep the fit smooth and loose on the bottom, while adding design details on top.

inverted-triangle.thumbnailInverted Triangle Shoulders are broad. Bust size average to large. Hips/thighs are narrow. Bust is prominent over hips. As expected, most models fit into this category. And if you are so lucky, your goal is to minimize your bust and shoulders while emphasizing your hips. You will want to lead attention inward at your shoulders toward your neck.

For more information on body types, especially if you fall into one that wasn't covered here (such as Oval and Figure-Eight), please reach out to me. No matter your body type, you are now enabled to look and feel your best. You go girl!