CoSGCsI have been wrapping up gift certificates, CoS style, like crazy! For months, actually.

However, this time of year is especially busy for gift certificates — for a variety of wardrobe services. Moms, fathers, sisters, husbands and wives all giving the gift of style for the holidays. I love it! And they will, too.

Batches of beautifully wrapped and ribboned gift certificates have been going out daily. There's a few more days to get yours out on time! The best part, you don't have to lift a finger. 

And don't worry, if you are a last minute shopper, there's always a beautifully designed email gift certificate that doesn't even need to be shipped!

A stylish gift, for certain.


Yes. This is what summer looks like to me. On an easy breezy day. No agenda. Thanks to these fabulous pieces from Free People.

Sheer fabric. Ripped up denim. Jewelry in unexpected ways. And, of course, a hat to keep my red hair from fading.


Available from Free People

Just last week, twelve modeltestants began their competition to become the newest face of Frédéric Fekkai as the second season of modeling competition series The Face premiered.

Airing Wednesdays at 10pm EST on Oxygen Media, this season the young women selected on Team Naomi, Team Anne V and Team Lydia will have the opportunity to make a life-changing transformation through unprecedented access to clients, national brands and iconic mentorships. The most influential names in the industry will lend their expertise this season including Frédéric Fekkai, ELLE Magazine™s Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers, Pamela Rolland, RuPaul, Tyson Beckford and Karen Elson. Each week, the brand representatives for the Campaign Challenge will choose the winning team, leaving each supermodel coach from the bottom two teams to nominate a member of their team for elimination and the winning coach to decide who will be sent home.

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