wintersurvivaldiscountbookCharlotteans, you are going to be so excited when I tell you what I happened upon today. Something every stylista must have this holiday season.

For those of you not already familiar with Scoop Charlotte, you must become acquainted. Just as the name implies, this invaluable site gives you the low down on weekly sales and promotions from fashion boutiques in Charlotte NC.

Just in time for the holidays, here's the ideal gift for both you and the ones you love — the Shop-Girls’ Winter Survival Book, an exclusive booklet of coupons from 23 of Charlotte’s best boutiques. Get them while they're hot ... they are on sale for only $15 now through December 18th. Packed with savings from Sloan, chezElle, Poole Shop, Scout & Molly’s, Monkees of Morrocroft, Fresh, Our Place, Cottage Chic, and 15 more boutiques, you don't want to miss out on these savings (up to 30% off in the months of January and February!).

For only $15, the Shop-Girls’ Winter Survival Book makes the perfect stocking stuffer, teacher gift and the present that your friends, daughters, daughters-in-law, sisters and sisters-in-law will actually use. It’s your 'go to' gift for the holiday. And, when you tie this coupon book around a bottle of wine as a gift, you become a shopaholic's fashion hero.

What are you waiting for?
gapgivegetnowGap's Give & Get sale starts today!

Receive 30% off of your online purchase from November 11-14 at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap Outlet and Banana Republic Factory Store. Plus Feeding America will receive 5% of what you spend during this holiday event. Simply click on the banner below to start shopping and use the code: MNLBJ6VX1TCQ at checkout. Free shipping on orders over $50. It's Better to Give and Get.


pradashoeshoppingThis time of year, I spend a lot of time shopping with clients to update their wardrobes with key pieces for the season. From individual style appropriate garments to fabulous accessories, nothing is more satisfying than the look of sheer delight on my clients' faces. And for those clients whose schedules prevent them from accompanying me, hand selecting the items that make it into their closet is just as exciting!

It will not surprise you when I say, "it's all about the shoes." Shoes complete the look — for both women and men. This week was case in point for my male and female clients. It was thrilling to watch them make those connections — loving the styles selected and quality construction, all with their wardrobes in mind.  

Of course, boots made the list. They always do this time of year. And the well-chosen outfits to accompany the amazing shoes ... divine!

Written by: Millissa Mathai, Editor in Chief of Haute Mimi International

LouisVuittonadI am in love with designer clothing, handbags and accessories. What I'm definitely not in love with are the huge price tags that accompany them. I am always looking for new ways to save on coveted designer digs. Sample sales are great but you don't really get the kind of steep discounts that they promise to have. That's why I am hooked on fashion-based live online auction sites. You can snag a Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Valentino and more for literally ten bucks — sometimes more sometimes less. I really thought it was too good to be true but after trying it out I am seriously addicted to these fashion auction sites and wanted to share my favorites since there are so many out there. I personally like these three sites, since they only have a few auctions a day on well edited items, instead of thousands of auctions on unsubstantial items.

What are live online fashion auction sites and how do they work?
Live online fashion auctions can be described as,"a fusion of sites like eBay and Gilt where click happy online shoppers get the best in luxury goods at a fraction of the retail cost," says a representative from Along with handbags, the sites offers bid packs to use on the site as well as gift cards to major stores.

They allow you to buy bid packs consisting of 20-100 bids for around $20-$100.00 which you can use to place bids on designer items. Most of the sites give you free bids to start off with, like, which gives you 5 free bids when you sign up. There are approximately 3-18 auctions going on in one day depending on the site.

When a bid is placed, two things happen, depending on the site. First, the auction price increases anywhere from 1 cent to 2 cents, and secondly, the auction clock increases anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. The user who bids last before the time is up wins the bid and can purchase the item at the last bid price which is typically 90% - 99% less than the actual retail price of the item. Each of the sites featured offer a Product Guarantee and source direct from the designer brands or their distributors.

LuxeWin is the hot new player in the online fashion auction game, so auctions are averaging over 98% off. The auction items are much more contemporary and feature hard-to-find designer bags, accessories and jewelry from high demand brands. I definitely like the aesthetic of LuxeWin and find that they offer very exclusive items like beautiful bags from Jimmy Choo, Moschino, Furla, Botkier and Rebecca Minkoff, jewelry from Rachel Leigh, D&G Dolce & Gabbana, Jules Smith and Andrew Hamilton Crawford and even Michele Deco Diamond watches. The site is similar in layout to the others but with larger product images and better product descriptions. They also have a great incentive for members who invite their friends. If you invite a friend to LuxeWin, and they buy a bid pack, you automatically receive 12 free bids. Everyone also gets 5 free bids when they join so that's always a plus. I suggest LuxeWin to the girl with exquisite taste who likes to stand out from the crowd and usually shops the hottest boutiques.

OohIlove is probably the oldest of the auction sites and was started a year ago. The site is very beautiful and the items on auction are very desirable. OohIlove features auctions on Tiffany jewelry, Louboutin shoes and Louis Vuitton handbags, to name a few stand out items. I would suggest this auction site to women who love the obvious designer arm candy, as this site mostly features monogrammed items that you can't miss.

Jojolie is another live online auction site that I recommend. Jojolie is very similar to and as far as the site's layout goes. The items they have for auction are much less expensive than the other two auction sites. This site is great for girls who love mid-range brands like Coach and Dooney and Burke. It's also a very beautiful site.
samplesaleforumThere are lots of sample sales out there — online or onsite in New York City or Los Angeles. However, it's difficult to find them in one place ... until now.

Thanks to the Sample Sale Forum, you now have access to all of the sample sales in one place. SSF lays it out easily, so that you can search local sales or online deals. You can even search specific categories such as belts, dresses, heels, etc. Gotta love that!

The best part of the site is the forum. Once you register, you can chat back and forth with other fashion lovers to get the inside scoop on some of the upcoming sales or post pictures of items you would like opinions on. SSF also features fabulous fashion blogs, which is a great way to learn from the style experts themselves.

Finally, the sample sales shopper's best friend! Join the Sample Sale Forum and share the love by inviting your friends. Have fun shopping the sales together! Just be sure to bone up on this guideline for successful sample sale shopping.