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goingshoppingAs I head out this morning for a day full of shopping with a client, in addition to pulling clothes for a fashion show, I am channeling our inner spring goddess. That's right. The goddess in you and me.

We are ready to transition into the new season at this stage of the game, am I right? And we all are looking forward to the blissful emotions that spring brings (allergies aside). So whip out those tear sheets you've been saving from magazines and post them up, front and center, for inspiration.

I have a few tear sheets of my own, specific to my client, that I will utilize today to support our shopping strategy.

Will white make the list? Of course. A beautiful mix of color? Yes. And many more glorious items that leave you wanting for spring.

Featured pants: KaufmanFranco, photo from Net-a-Porter

Over the past few years, I've found myself collecting stationery. Silly, quirky or just plain pretty stationery.

So much of our world is communicated through words viewed on a small screen via email or text. Receiving a card (a real card) always leaves an impression, especially if it's clever. Just like these fun postcards, notecards and prints I found on Etsy at the A Fanciful Twist shop by Vanessa Valencia.

It's time to go old school. Consider sending at least one card, on the stationery of your choice, every month to a loved one. You'll be surprised how touched your recipient will be. Effort well made.


Photos by A Fanciful Twist on Etsy

You are dreaming of spring. Looking forward to wearing the colors of the rainbow. But guess what? Now is the perfect time to stock up on key fall wardrobe staples.

Like my favorite black long-sleeve sheer jersey tee. I bought two of these last September and practically lived in them (and still do) throughout the fall and winter months. I even shed a few tears the day I discovered BCBG was out of stock. So, I promised myself the next time I came across this tee (which I assumed would be late August), I would buy one for every day of the week.

Well, I hit the jackpot today! BCBG restocked this popular item so I, literally, bought out my local store! I bought seven for myself and the remaining tees for my clients. I added charcoal and silver into the mix, as well. This is one of those indispensable layering pieces that I honestly cannot live without.

Another item I am restocking now is tights. The typical players ... such as black opaque, black textured and ivory textured tights. But also sheer polka dot tights! Marc Jacobs is all about the polka dot for fall '11, so you can bet you'll see dots in many shapes and sizes. 

I highly recommend buying these layering pieces now. You will be happy you did come fall, when everyone else will be fighting for the same great staples.


I never seem to be prepared enough to come up with really cool hostess gifts. Not only does that take time (in which we don't have), it takes forethought. One of my goals for 2011 is having awesome hostess gifts on hand — at all times. Cleverness goes a long way, after all.

Thank goodness I stumbled upon this ingenious recipe box from kate spade. It contains chic note cards with clever little sayings, such as "a round of applause," "i heard you were under the weather," "for no particular reason," and "the icing on the cake." How cute is that!

I gave one as a gift over the holidays and I snagged a few more online today. Now, I just need to stumble upon a dozen more fabulous gifts to add to my 2011 hostess collection.