Winter hats come in handy on snowy days. In fact, they are essential. And if you live up north, enjoying more snow than anticipated, you wouldn't think of leaving the house without one.

Functional and stylish, hats keep you warm and allow you to embrace the elements. Besides, there are so many fun, cozy hats available there's no excuse not to express your individual style. 


Photo from unknown source


Yes, snow is on the way. But I can't help myself — I must bring you spring goodness.

There are so many aspects of spring that I adore.

You know I prefer the fall and winter months. So, why am I teasing you?

Simple. While we are in the midst of a cold front, we must take the time to tap into what we love in order to plan and prepare for the season ahead. 

Spring shopping for clients started a month ago. However, more and more becomes available everyday. You may think I am crazy with timing, but my favorite Chloé suede gladiator sandals are already sold out! It's never too early to secure what you love.

That being said, March-April you will find everything spring in stores. And May brings lighter materials for summer. Take note now.

What does your closet say you need? Are there any gaps? Does your wardrobe allow you to fully express your individual style? Do you have the inventory to take you from the transitional season into spring? So many questions. However, pertinent.

Which brings me to this knit dress. It's a great transition into spring. This SUNO floral intarsia mini dress says, "I am ready, whether I layer under or over. You can't stop me from embracing spring."

If you are not ready, call me. That's why I'm here.

Available from Net-a-Porter

Spring teaser!

On this gorgeous day, it got me thinking about my spring shopping strategies for my clients. I love planning wardrobes, knowing the existing inventory and introducing new pieces that will play nicely, based on personal style.

While this gorgeous Antonio Berardi draped silk crepe de chine dress won't make many of my clients' spring shopping lists, take notice of the flowy nature. It's one easy foundation piece. It doesn't take much to accessorize (hello fabulous shoes). And it's all about spring!

So whether you go big, like this, or mimic the feeling in either a top or a long skirt, you will channel the essence of spring 2015.


Available at Luisaviaroma


With all the lovely wraps, ponchos, capes and cropped jackets, long leather gloves are a necessity.

For one, they look chic. But also they provide a ton of warmth all the way up your arm!

Winter is on its way and long gloves are aplenty. Time to get yourself a pair!


Photo from unknown source

mounanukYes, I am still on fur.

And as you know, I am a big fan of Mou. I'd keep adding to my collection if I had room in my closet (and an unending boot budget).

I am a bit obsessed with this classic nanuk. Soft goatfur, lined in wool, supportive heel counter and EVA sole. What I wouldn't wear these with!

Cooler temps are fast approaching. As is winter lacrosse! These would certainly come in handy. And my toes would thank me.


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