slshearlingfw15You know summer isn't my season.

So, of course I have my eye on everything fall.

If you aren't already prepared, July is pre-order month. Hallelujah!

Between packing clients for abroad, shopping with teens for back-to-school and speaking engagements, oh and travel + puppy training, I am on the pre-order train.

Speaking of which, hello Saint Laurent suede coat with shearling collar and leather trim. Good gracious, I am in love. Seriously simple, but delicious. Made in Italy, to boot.

I know it seems ridiculous to think about the cooler months in this heat. However, it's never too early in my book.

Available from Luisaviaroma


If this doesn't make you smile on a cold and rainy day, I don't know what will. Of course, on a warm and sunny day I'd be over the moon wearing this.

Thank you GEM for bringing us this music notes embellished crepe dress in vibrant yellow. Paired with the green tie-up sandals makes it an easy sell.

Having had a taste of warm temperatures in early April, anything below 60 is just wrong. It chills to the core. With cashmere already put away, it's back to layers. And I have no issue layering over this dress. Think white linen jacket.


Available at Luisaviaroma


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