Of all seasons, this is the one to go for it when it comes to jewelry. Designers showed big, bold, ornate, eccentric and over-the-top jewelry and accessories on the runway for Spring 09. Whether you choose to layer several items or grab attention with one statement piece, you can't go wrong. However, if you are uncertain, that's where I come in. In case you haven't noticed, gold has made its comeback ... and is here to stay. As a personal stylist, I am always asked when one should wear silver and when one should wear gold. My response almost always depends on the outfit. However, when in doubt, wear both! Mixing silver and gold is perfectly acceptable. Take the time to accessorize and experiment with your jewelry. You may find that you have more options in your closet than you think — especially when it comes to layering.

What to look for in necklaces

Loads of beads, long strands and multi-length strands, chains, chunky, bohemian, artsy, whimsical, estate-like or mega bauble.


What to look for in bracelets

Bangles and cuffs on the enormous side, glitzy, colorful, logo-inspired, metal, antique-looking, crackled or layers of several different styles.


What to look for in rings
Big, colorful, glamorous, metallic, crazy, fun or stately.


What to look for in earrings
India-inspired, eclectic, super long, massive, multi-colored or cutouts.


Cobalt blue is such an amazing color. It is also one of my it colors for Spring. Anything you can get your hands on — whether it's a top, skirt, dress, pants, shorts, shoes, handbag or accessories — you can't go wrong. If you don't already have something in your closet, let me take you shopping! Rest assured, when you find the right piece to add to your wardrobe, it will be with you forever ... and it will transcend trends.


fendisandals1.thumbnailYou know how I love shoes ... so you know that I love these fabulous Fendi sandals. However, I have opted for cobalt blue bejeweled thong sandals from Zara instead.

cobaltthongsbyzaraAs you may be aware, flats are out of my comfort zone. However, I am embracing the season's grecian styles. And I can't seem to get enough! So whether it's a pair of shoes or a flashy new mascara, go blue!
With all of the glorious colors of the season, going neutral in tights is an excellent complement to any look. These nude Hue fishnet tights demonstrate how you can take something so light in color, yet add a nice amount of detail with pattern and texture.


How To Wear Nude Fishnet Tights

howtowearnudefishnetsNot sure how to pull this off? Here is an easy day-to-evening look. This dress gives you an incredible pop of color, taking center stage. Play down your accessories and go neutral in your shoes, handbag and jewelry. The nude fishnets add a little panache and help to pull everything together. This stylish ensemble can go to the office, and then out to a business dinner or gathering with friends.While I am kicking myself for not holding onto my nude fishnet tights from five years ago (back when I layered tights), I am quite thankful that something this fun is so affordable.
dressornatebeltWhat's not to love about this look? The dress is simply fabulous with the huge, ornate belt. Unfortunately, not every body shape can pull this off. It's all about the torso and bust proportions. Fendi has done a spectacular job this season taking relatively simple cut dresses (that will never go out of style) and adding bold splashes of detail. The belt is the accessory, in this case.

And we all know that Spring 09 is all about big, statement pieces. I'd be remiss if I did not mention the stunning shoes. The cobalt color is magnificent and the simple strap design is feminine and sexy. Yum!
If you haven't heard of ANSR: photo light therapy for acne and anti-aging, you must read this article. Having just received another shipment, I can tell you this 'at home' product is flying off the shelves. I use my photo light therapy beam daily. And while, initially, I tested the red light only (firms skin, reduces redness, evens skin tone), I recently experimented with the blue light (for acne) on my chin.

The blue light penetrates the skin to kill bacteria that causes acne. It will bring everything to the surface (up and out). And yes, it brought things to the surface that I did not know existed. Good news, it's out of there! I am so excited about this product, I am offering the ANSR: kit right here. For U.S. customers only, at this time.