These have to be one of the most fabulous pair of shoes that I have seen this season. Cutouts are huge, yet again, for Fall. And I am gaga over these indigo cage platforms. The deep, rich color and suede fabric are simply delicious! What’s great about this style shoe is that it goes from casual (jeans) to dressy occasion (cocktail dress ) with ease. You want endless pairing possibilities with your shoes, right? Then look for shoes with cross-over potential, such as the cutout. Yum!


Mmmmm, boots. And this fall, I am in love with gray over-the-knee boots. I have to admit, they aren't the easiest style to fit. However, when you find the perfect pair, whether it be heels or flats, you will wear them all season long. Pair them with fall's shorter hem length dresses and skirts.


camel-coat2Fall brings back the trench ... in a different color and fabric. This year, think lush + plush. Like this fabulous camel coat by Boudoir D'Huitres by Mimi Plange. This is not only a statement maker, but also a forever piece, that exudes style and sophistication. It will take you from subdued to swank in 2 seconds flat. I love that this particular look showcases two of my Fall 09 Must Haves. The over-the-knee boot being the other. Simply fabulous!

Cashmere is the ultimate in fabric. However, a blend is perfectly acceptable. Like this Via Spiga belted camel cashmere/wool coat. Or, this wool blend walking coat by DKNY. Or, another attention grabber, Barneys New York exaggerated collar camel coat.
Forget about 80s neons. Think glorious color, appropriate for 2009! Bringing brights into Fall is so exciting. With a season filled with dark colors, I am looking forward to vivid pops of color. Whether you go full on electric pink or geranium red — like these fabulous pieces by Michael Kors — or you choose another blazing color, the key is to play and have fun. Yes, it's daring. But why not? What do you have to lose?


Last year, color made the map by way of jewel tones and earth tones. It's not often that you see such audacity, right? That's what makes a season aucourant. So why not try a cashmere cape jacket in yellow or blue, like these two by designer Marc Jacobs. Your mood will be instantly uplifted. These pieces will integrate beautifully into one's wardrobe. Just be certain the bright color is suited to your color palette.


electric-colored-handbagsIf you fear making too much of a color commitment, try an accessory. Handbags are a great way to accent your look. From a hot pink or cobalt blue clutch to green, yellow, red or purple handbags, there isn't an easier way to pull off the season's intense hues. Best yet, you can take a bright colored handbag into Spring/Summer 2010. As for handbag styles for Fall, we are leaving a season of relaxation. However, you'll find that same relaxed style teetering on the edge of structure.

electric-colored-tights-beltPerhaps you'd rather experiment with tights. We are going to see a lot of minis this season. And tights are an easy way to enhance the look of any basic black dress or skirt. Belts lend themselves to creativity, as well, providing another opportunity to step it up in the color category. I love this look by Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. Fresh, feminine and playful. Perfect for Fall.

electric-colored-shoesNow, for the ultimate accessory ... shoes! If you don't already own a kickin' pair of colorful heels, you must. You could be wearing, what you might consider, the same-old-same-old dark colored top and skirt. But hello, whip out your colorful shoes and all of a sudden, the skies open up. It's a new day. And that outfit will never be the same. Or, pair bright colors together to really make a statement. Bright colored shoes happen to be another item that will easily carry into Spring '10.

Be adventurous this Fall. And most importantly, find innovative ways to express your style!


Get warm and fuzzy this Fall with the fur vest. This must have item instantly adds attitude and style. Pair it with jeans, a mini skirt, dress or leather pants. Shoes of all shapes and sizes work beautifully with this look, from mega platforms to cutout booties and over-the-knee boots. So boho chic!