Skin care is one of my obsessions. So it’s fitting that Miss Angelina represent this particular Fall must have, as I am obsessed with her. So, how do you get red carpet skin?

A good skin care regimen, to start. Depending on your skin’s needs, that regimen can vary. Here are some basics to keep in mind:

Skin Care Routine

  1. Cleanser (rinse twice as long as washing)
  2. Toner (if needed, and consider one with fruit acid)
  3. Antioxidant (one with Vitamin C)
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Eye Treatment
  6. Sunscreen (in the day)
  7. Retinoid (at night, if you are over 30)

Consider getting a facial every other month, or quarterly. This is a great way to maintain and deepen the results of radiant skin. There are also two great products that will add another dimension to red carpet-worthy skin, Brazilian Peel (30% medical strength glycolic acid) and Orlane’s LIGHTBOX (a truly glowing experience for those little or big events in your life).

This time of year, hydration is extremely important. If you tend to get dry and flaky, look for moisture-rich formulas. Should you have any questions about the specific needs of your skin, please consult your dermatologist.

The one-shoulder dress was big for Spring. As it carries over into Fall, the look will extend flawlessly to include top+skirt and top+pant ensembles. I love the versatility, allowing many different ways (via cuts and styles) to express your style. And while this may be considered a trend, if you go for a classic shape, it becomes an essential piece to have in your wardrobe year and year, season after season. My Spring 08 one-shoulder silk top falls into that category - it transcends seasons.


berry-stained-lipsMake-up trends for Fall are, thankfully, doused in reality, yet provide a fresh twist. For eyes, golden, bronzy browns are the go to neutrals. You can also play with eyeshadow colors in dark green and purple. The cheek of the season is a soft, glowy pink, which is gorgeous on any skin tone. As for lips, my favorite looks are berry stained and glossy pink. And who better to showcase the season’s best lips than Charlize Theron.

Berry has always been my lip color of choice. I embrace it completely. In fact, it’s the only color I actually wear on my lips. My sister adheres to her nude lip … everyday. Snooze. I love a nude lip every now and then. However, playing with color allows you to express your make-up style in many ways, whether you choose lipstick, gloss, tint or stain.

pink-glossed-lipsAnother lip look for the season is pink and glossy. It’s the perfect complement to a strong eye, and it also goes hand-in-hand with a natural face, as Charlize demonstrates.

Go play. Have fun. And sweet sister, please try to step out of your neutral lip zone. Muah!

Nothing is more feminine than a beautiful, sheer blouse. I have always loved them and always will. While it’s a staple in my wardrobe, it has made my ‘must have’ list for Fall. With dark colors being predominant, and electrifying colors barging onto the scene, a sheer fabric becomes the go between. The happy medium. It allows you to experiment. Wear this patterned sheer blouse with jeans and a black leather jacket. Or, this ivory sheer blouse with a gray pencil skirt and a colorful jacket. Or, this indigo sheer blouse with black satin straight leg pants. Honestly, any one of these blouses can, and should, stand on their own. They’re that gorgeous. Style, no matter how you slice it.


Or both, quite honestly. This sesason cries for above-the-knee lengths in skirts and dresses. Why do you think the over-the-knee boot is so hot? The trend goes hand-in-hand. What’s great about this style for this particular season, is the ability for those of us without fabulous legs to play with tights in various colors, patterns and textures. While pairing these abbreviated hem lengths with OTK boots is über delicious, booties and cutouts certainly keep it fresh.


If you think this hem length will depart with winter, think again. Be prepared to welcome in ultra mini lengths for spring.