We have arrived in neutral nirvana for spring. Which is actually a great place to be. Think about the endless possibilities with our wardrobes. With that, comes a nice departure from the bright colored handbag.

I've been drooling over the ivory handbag for quite some time. It's the perfect show stopper for spring ... and quite frankly, all year long. I love it against the big three uncolors of the season — khaki, gray and white (no, it's not a faux pas to carry an ivory bag when wearing white).

Due to the fact that neutrals are forever colors, and ivory is simply scrumptious, I thought we could use a little ivory luxe in our lives right about now. Thank goodness luxe comes in all shapes, sizes and price points! So, if you have to say "maybe next time" to Louis, that's okay. There are tons of fab selections in ivory ... and they are plenty luxe! I know, I've partaken.
spring2010greeneyesWhen green eyes (and nails, for that matter) came down the runway last September at fashion week for Spring 2010, I was smitten. While there are many gorgeous shades of green, this spring, I am experimenting with the brightest of the brights.

I am loving iridescent apple green eye shadow with a yellow highlighting shadow for under brows. It's not as crazy as you think. In fact, it looks fabulous with blue eyes.

The wonderful thing about spring's make-up trends, is (1) it's financially accessible and (2), it livens up any neutral outfit that spring is known for.

If you have any doubts about how green will look on you, buy an inexpensive version of the color you are most drawn to and swipe it on. After all, you can wash it off immediately if you don't like it. However, if you love it ... play on!
When I think about accessories for spring '10, I can't help but hear Peter Gabriel's song, Big Time ("so much larger than life..."). And that's just what the season is all about ... crazy big jewelry! This is the perfect time to experiment, so consider pieces that speak to you in different ways. For example, if you love the color blue, seek out unique pieces in that color. Or, if you love geometric patterns, look for jewelry that mimic those shapes. Personally, I am fixated on black and gold super-sized necklaces, and bracelets and rings that bring in lots of color.

The key is to choose pieces that are relevant to your personal style. Need some help selecting the right pieces? Let's schedule an accessories shopping trip (one of my favorite services). Talk about education all wrapped up in fun!

minidressThe season of the leg is upon us. And spring dresses are short and flirty! While neutral colors will dominate through the end of the year, nothing says spring like color. Don't be afraid to go bold and bright.

I love the tie-dye detail of this asymmetric silk-satin Halston Heritage dress. It's fresh and lively! Everything about it makes me happy, even though I can't wear this particular design and style. Who says I can't mimic the colors, though?

Mini lengths don't always lend themselves to serve every body shape. Not to worry. For those of us who will skip the mega leg exposure, consider leggings. Or, depending on the dress, wear jeans underneath it to make it more like a tunic (one of my favorite looks).

fendiplatformsThis Spring, shoes get a lift ... as in mega platforms. In addition, they get more dramatic with tie wraps, embellishments and plexi or Lucite materials. These fabulous numbers from Fendi combine several aspects on the most wanted list for the season!

With neutrals playing a big role, shoes become self expression in its true form. What better way to bring a little zest to your outfit than with shoes? Go for detail, go for color, go for oomph!

However, if your shoes are the main attraction, consider keeping your clothing simple (clean lines). Your feet will definitely get noticed.