This post is named after my favorite shoe boutique in Sonoma, CA - Shushu Fufu. Shout out to you, Elizabeth! You introduced me to the world of high-end shoes, for which I will be forever grateful ... and my husband will forever regret!

This actually should have been my second post, behind rosacea - as I am obsessed with shoes. I became addicted to fine footwear seven years ago on a trip to Sonoma. I visited an incredible boutique where I discovered the candy-coated world of shoes. I must have tried on fifteen pairs. I couldn’t resist anything that fit perfectly on my foot. As difficult as it was to decide among all the gorgeous gems, I walked out with three pairs of sandals, each at a price that was 4x more than what I was used to spending at the time. My true appreciation for quality, consequently, was born. Giuseppe Zanotti, Robert Clergerie, and YSL were my new best friends. These expensive little sandals were beautifully designed and extremely well-crafted. I still wear them today throughout the year and they look fabulous. Amortize that!

Soon thereafter, I learned the art of justification. Let me clarify, though - I don't go shoe shopping a lot. I simply can't afford my taste. But the girl knows how to justify her purchases!

black2You've heard of retail therapy. But have you experienced shoe therapy? There is such a thing. Last year after having a deal fall through in which I worked really hard on, I grabbed my son and headed to the mall. Now honestly, I was just there to make a return. However, I was easily distracted by the pretty shoes in the window display at Cole Haan. My son and I walked in and five minutes later, I kid you not, I left with these beauties. And boy, did it feel incredible!

red-dots.thumbnailThis summer I really wanted ballet flats but was determined to find my own little spin on the trend. I was ecstatic to find these adorable red and white polka dot, peep toe ballet flats with ankle strap. What's not to love?

Fall Craves:

shoes3.thumbnailI absolutely must have these Christian Louboutin shoes. I mean, seriously ... suede stiletto zip loafers - gotta have these, am I wrong?

nmx0543_mn.thumbnailAnd check out these gorgeous sequined leopard-print Manolo Blahnik pumps. Yum!

bgx043w_mnAnd these Dolce & Gabanna kickin' boots would so perfectly go with my MK bag. To die for.

I could go on and on (and on) about shoes. I just love shoes. And in my opinion, you cannot go wrong splurging on shoes. Quality counts. In fact, two of my GZ sandals have been re-tapped a couple of times and the shoe repair place always comments on their craftsmanship.

You will see a lot of ankle and mid-calf boots being worn with skirts and dresses for FW07, as seen here. I adore the look. Although that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider knee boots, like my DG dream boots. I tested the look recently (I couldn't wait until fall) and really liked it. It's completely functional, too.

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