1. Yet again, a patent leather bag. But this time, in a cheery color such as hot pink or teal.
  2. Soften up your eyes with mascara in navy, amber or deep purple. And look for beautiful new shades of eye shadow and liners.
  3. Metallic ballet flats. Or bright patent leather. But don't break the bank if you are a heel wearer like me.
  4. Beautiful, bright colored dresses! And those dresses keeping within the forecast for SS08.
  5. Good skin - it's always in!! If you must use foundation, ditch your liquid and switch to powder.
  6. Belts. Thin and pretty or double wrapped.
  7. Cuffed jeans.
  8. Mixing a gingham top with this skirt.
  9. A fun trench coat.
  10. A sexy pair of heels - in a bright color. (I am drooling over Versace's blue patent leather high-heeled sandals, however, not only can't I afford them, I can't find them anywhere!!

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