Oh the adventures to be had in this dress!

As much as I have a thing for white dresses, so do I with prints!

Enter: Marimekko.

Brought back from the 70s, the Kirjo print is a certain showstopper. Founded by Armi Ratia in 1961, Marimekko is a play on words — an anagram of Armi's first name and 'mekko' which means dress in Finnish. Marimekko's use of print and color is world-renowned for its forward-thinking aesthetic. 

I am captivated by this dress. For more reasons than one, as I will be living in long dresses all summer to shield my veins from the sun due to my EVLT and sclerotherapy sessions. As bad as my timing is, the experience thus far has been awesome, and hey, I will look cute (during the process and after)!

Available at Anthropologie

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