There was such a pleasant breeze in the air today. It was quite glorious. It made me realize just how much fall is in my bones. My children and I always tend to prioritize our seasons around this time of year. My favorites, in order — fall, winter, spring, summer.

Yep, summer I could do without. It's not that I don't enjoy the activities that surround the season. I just can't take the melting heat. The cooler months allow me to utilize lovely layers. It's what I live for. And my clients have caught the bug, as we start wardrobe planning earlier and earlier each year.

Kids, get your school on. Your parents and I have some work to do. Say au revoir to summer!


Photo from Vogue Australia March 2013

It's Independence Day.

A time to appreciate, and pay tribute to, your freedom, style and all. I hope you enjoy this day with friends and loved ones. And I wish for you fireworks all year long!

Happy 4th of July!

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miniescapeI'm packing my bags tonight.

Well, not really. But I'd like to.

As excited as I was about the onset of summer, it's been everything but easy breezy. In fact, it's been downright chaotic. Busy is good. But crazy busy — bordering on insanity — is not so good.

You know you're at your tipping point when you admit to your children, and their friends, and their friends' parents, that you are done. I'm thinking a mini escape would serve me well (and my whole family, for that matter).

It's too easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about the ever important 'me' time. Not sure when I'll get that this summer, but I seriously need to put something on the calendar.

With all the pre-fall ordering, you can tell where my head is.

Back to school people!

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From one milestone to another, life continues to move and change around us. As much as I feel like Wonder Woman some days, I cannot stop time. Which makes it even more important to enjoy every precious second of the day with family.

This mother's day, let your children cherish you. Take it all in. File it to memory, so that you can access that moment whenever you need it. Children grow so fast. And as of today, my oldest is officially taller than I am. As excited as he is, it makes me a titch sad. A mixed milestone, I guess you can say.

The reason we are mothers, what ties us together, is our children. And there is no greater gift in the world. Happy Mother's Day!



Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

- Marion C. Garretty

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Good gracious! Enough with the cold.

I am grabbing anything these days to keep warm. Even my cat. Body heat is good.

All I want to do is embrace spring and I'm having a hard time with this wet, cold weather. With one lacrosse season ending and another one beginning, I need a week or two to collect my thoughts. And my clothes. Seriously!

At least I continue to bring spring color into my ensemble when whipping back out my fall coats. After all, I am not going backwards. 


Photo from Fashion Gone Rogue