easter2014This year, Easter spanned the entire weekend. Tons of family time, great conversation and excellent food (and chocolate, of course). It was extremely enjoyable. 

Pink continues to tug at me as I admired all the beautiful blush colored ensembles this holiday. Still not sure about anything pink on my top half, but for now, a mani/pedi is in order — in milky pink.

Happy stylish Easter from my family to yours!

Photo from unknown source


Why did I leave 88 degree, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky, palm trees abound, weather? With the freezing rain today, I'm not quite sure. However, I have work to do.

Lots of shopping with clients this week, in addition to a speaking engagement. Yes, and all about spring! This weather can't hold me back. Besides, my little escape inspired me. So crummy weather step aside. I have clients to dress.


Photo from Vogue Germany 2010

I'm fairly certain this is the longest I have gone in between posts. Almost a week. Crazy. 

But you know what? There is something special about it. Allowing myself some time to just be is a-okay. And I know you don't miss me that much ;) In between clients, NYC and California trips this month, photo shoots and speaking engagements, life is happening. Everyday.

I admit, I forget to breathe at times. However, my motto this year — rule. Rule your world. Wherever it takes you. No matter what you do. Rule. And speaking of, rule the style challenge. Another layer gets added soon. Jump in if you haven't already.

This is your year. Make it happen.


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Another big week ahead. Tons going on. Head spinning.

Though, I am confident that I will be able to pull it off. Maybe not without a hitch, but pull it off, nonetheless. With all the style goings on for the week, I am excited to introduce your first style challenge. It will definitely keep you on your toes. So look for it this week!

Photo from unknown source

I'm still on the snow. Oh, it's gone. But it has certainly left behind its magic.

With a couple of shoots down, three more to go, and a few speaking engagements scheduled in the upcoming weeks, this year has gained sparkle. Not that photo shoots and speaking engagements weren't aplenty in years past. It's the freedom that is now attached to them that make them different. Creative license that I will never take for granted.

Right as the new year hit, I passed on an opportunity that most would say I was insane not to jump at. However, I love my life. Just as it is. And accepting that future would change everything that I had come to love. Freedom being the biggest factor. For my family. My friends and clients. For me.

I share this to inspire you to be who you are supposed to be. In all of your glory. Freedom is a wonderful thing. And there is something truly magical about it.


Photo from Closet of Style