tempteaseA drop in temperature brings much happiness.

And the celebration of fall (yesterday)! So much style goodness in store this season. I'm just thrilled to say this season, versus this upcoming season!

Between shopping with clients, preparing their wardrobes for fall, and getting closets purged and organized in general, style expression is on the loose!

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a client's eyes light up — whether it be from freeing them of unnecessary items in their closet or picking out something new that they never would've dreamt possible.

Exactly why I love my job.

I count my blessings daily. This line of work is rewarding on so many levels. I am fortunate to share these awesome moments on a daily basis with my clients. And when my clients, unknowingly, happen to meet, become friends, and come to realize that I am a common denominator — even better.

So here's to fall. And everything it has to offer.

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As summer comes to an end and we look forward to fall, New York Fashion Week is in full swing — for spring!

Always a season or two ahead. However, we can enjoy the here and now, incorporating what's to come.

One thing I have certainly enjoyed over the last few weeks is minimal jewelry. You may find it hard to believe that I've traded my wrist stacks for one simple bracelet. Brilliant bracelet, albeit.

Change is liberating. And as I share with my clients, it's what keeps things interesting. So, off you go to explore new style habits. Make an attempt to step out of your comfort zone this week. Hmmm, I feel another style challenge coming your way for summer's end.


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Never in the history of this blog, have I taken more than a couple days in a row off.

How liberating it was to go away on vacation and not have to worry about driving into town to publish a blog post. Yes, no wifi where we were. I made a conscious decision to unplug for an entire week. And it was fabulous.

Now that I got a little fall into my spirit (love Petoskey weather!), I will begin to give you the skinny on the upcoming season. Stay tuned and get excited!!


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I am blessed.

As I ponder the start to my summer, and look back at the amount of complaints I have lodged over becoming professional chauffeur to my children, I am blessed. I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing. 

Overwhelmed? Um, perhaps. But I wouldn't take one thing away.

I have the best clients on earth — in which in these past two weeks alone we've successfully purged, packed for abroad, shopped, put outfits together and dressed for events. Truly, I was put on earth to serve in this capacity and I love every second of it. Even serving my children in their sports (hello Team Mom for football and lacrosse). I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm in — and always 150%.

As I prepare for my return speaking engagement for a national conference in a matter of days, I am overjoyed. I will be in my element with these lovely ladies! Does it get any better than this? Well, my son isn't happy that I will miss one of his lacrosse tournament games ... but seriously, it's just one. He'd prefer I be in two places at one time.

So while I may not look glamorous driving the streets this summer, scooting from one destination to the next, I am grateful. And inside, that feels glamorous.


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We have hit that time of year. For months now, actually. Lightening speed days, weeks, months. And now, summer is upon us.

There are usually some moments of stillness in the summer. However, this year R&R did not make it onto my calendar. Somedays, I can't even bear to look at my week-at-a-glance, let alone month-at-a-glance.

So, I am making this vow right now, as I hope you will, too. I will take time for myself — even if it's to scoot off into a nook in the house to read, pin or listen to a podcast. I will treat myself to pedicures no matter how 'on the go' I am. I will pamper my skin and hair as the summer heat tries to beat it down (well, that's really no different than everyday). I will explore new recipes, new wines, new forms of exercise. I will snap pictures in my head of all my travels to remember why I am on this earth.

Interestingly, now that I am holding myself accountable to this, I am fired up. Yes, my summer is nuts! However, I will make the most of every day and enjoy every single second doing so.


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