BoHorganGood morning. Good afternoon. Good evening.

Good gracious — I have to get that all in, as I don't know the next time I will.

Welcome to puppyhood, right? Exhausting. My new baby, Bo (19 weeks), is a love. Sweet, fun and learning the ropes. But boy is having a puppy work! Juggling clients, kids' schools + sports and raising/training a puppy has my head spinning. Sleep isn't something I get much anymore. And how long does the chewing stage last? Forever, I think.

Regardless, it's worth it. Though, George (our cat) would disagree.

All this to say that sometimes we don't get to everything we plan to. We bite off more than we can chew (why did I agree to style a photo shoot and take more kids home from lacrosse practice than I started with the very first week of bringing Bo home?). I am trying to keep things the same, normal. A routine. And the new routine includes my neighbors hearing me say "Bo, go potty" a million times a day. 

But sometimes we don't get to everything we plan to. I was reminded of this just this morning in Pure Barre class. One of my friends said, "Drop the guilt, Bo doesn't have to be glued to you 24/7." True. Which means, I need to allow myself some me time. Though, it's nearly impossible to find at the moment.

I am grateful for this new addition to our family. Bo is the best — he greets every dog and human that passes our way. He loves the car (nap inducing). He potties on command (almost). He snores louder than my husband (when my husband has his 'machine' on). He loves me to the moon and sun and back. So blessed, I am. And I can celebrate because I actually got to wash my hair today.

*This good looking pup is why it's been a little quiet on the blog front.



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