tempteaseA drop in temperature brings much happiness.

And the celebration of fall (yesterday)! So much style goodness in store this season. I'm just thrilled to say this season, versus this upcoming season!

Between shopping with clients, preparing their wardrobes for fall, and getting closets purged and organized in general, style expression is on the loose!

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a client's eyes light up — whether it be from freeing them of unnecessary items in their closet or picking out something new that they never would've dreamt possible.

Exactly why I love my job.

I count my blessings daily. This line of work is rewarding on so many levels. I am fortunate to share these awesome moments on a daily basis with my clients. And when my clients, unknowingly, happen to meet, become friends, and come to realize that I am a common denominator — even better.

So here's to fall. And everything it has to offer.

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