Life is life. It's busy.

Do I wish I had more time to hang out with girlfriends? Absolutely.

That's exactly why I'm ever so thankful to have had some girl time today — both morning and again in the evening. Jealous as my children were, it was high time! I rarely do for me. And I realize, it's that phase of life that I'm in.

Of course I will be there every waking moment for my children. I certainly don't want to miss a thing. I will blink and they will be off to college. Ugh. While that seems like forever, time goes by fast. So, I am holding on tight.

However, I realized tonight, I can escape for a few hours and catch up with friends. No one really missed me all that much, right? And for me, it's essential. Critical. Vital to my well being. And I have got to allow myself these opportunities more often.

Duly noted. 


Photo of Saint Laurent from Vogue UK February 2013

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