With an incredibly busy, yet wildly successful, week behind me and another on its way, I jump for joy. For my clients. And for the opportunities that have presented themselves.

Always thankful. Always inspired. Always ready to take on new challenges.

This week kicks off with spring shopping with clients and ends with a facial. And I cannot wait for that facial! However, before the week ends, I look forward to an evening of fashion and cocktails at the Neiman Marcus CUSP launch party. Come on out and see the looks I pulled together. Super fun!


Photo from Dream, Create

After an inspiring photo shoot meeting today, I went back into my vault of style tear sheets. The drama. The emotion. It's what I live for.

While oldies are always goodies, I am in love with this newbie. The series of Julia Frauche in the January issue of Vogue Japan is gorgeous. I call this "Ice Princess meets Wonder Woman." There's something so super hero about it. She could be at the grand ball and receive a text to take down the local villain and she'd handle it like no one's business.



Photo by Vogue Japan, January 2013

measredYou didn't think I'd do it, did you?

I'll be honest, at any given moment leading up to my appointment, I wasn't sure I'd actually go through with it.

But I did.

Ironically, my original hair appointment was rescheduled. I panicked, thinking maybe that was a sign I shouldn't go red. However, days later, I mustered up the nerve to go for it.

Edward and I talked about going with a safe red. However, I knew I needed to do more, or it wouldn't really be going red (for me). Edward mixed up some magic and voilà, I'm now a rich, delicious red!

Looking back at my 'favorite reds' collage, there is no doubt my hair is most like the second in from the left — the red I never thought I'd be brave enough to do. Crazy! And yes, it looks even brighter than that in the sun. Edward matched my skin tone perfectly, though, so it works. It's cool, yet in the sun, has a lot of warmth to it.

I must admit, I had my freak out moments. In fact, on the second day of going red, I scheduled a toning appointment. Edward talked me down off the cliff and was very patient with me. I'm sure he was rolling his eyes the whole time, knowing I'd come around. And I did. Shortly thereafter, I canceled the appointment.

So what's it like being a redhead? I think it's too soon to say, as it hasn't quite been a week. Some days, the lighting is my best friend and I love the color. Other days, my head looks like it's on fire. Red changes constantly. Once I get used to that, I will completely own this look.

Until then, I am certainly enjoying the feistiness that comes with being a redhead. While initially I was careful to go easy with makeup and clothing, now I am not afraid to wear my red cords with my red hair. Why not? I'm not a stranger to color, so I should experiment on a daily basis. After all, reds fade faster than any other hair color. It won't be long before I am auburn. Which I will embrace, as well.

Reactions are surprising. I honestly can't believe how many people love red on me. In fact, everyone else seems to be more on board with red than I am. My hubby, though — not so much (maybe in time?). My kids have finally adjusted. My family and friends love it. I even catch men staring at me in the grocery store (I think for the right reasons).

Whatever the day brings, I look forward to it with a new sense of adventure!

I am all about being bold these days. Taking risks. Looking at life through adventurous glasses. Not really crossing things off my bucket list yet, but jumping in versus teetering on the edge.

Today, my one-of-a-kind dress finally arrived (no, not the one featured below). And just in time for my black tie event this Saturday. It's floor length vintage madness. It's loud. And totally awesome. Something I would have shied away from in the past but am thrilled to do now. Truly, the dress is a show stopper, no accessories needed.

Now, if I could only go red in time for this event. But alas, one bold step at a time!

Photo from Youth is Wasted on the Y0ung

What a week ahead! Kicking things off with a super fun photo shoot is bound the set the tone for my clients this week. With fall wardrobe planning in full swing, I am ensuring things are checked off of my list, as well. This year, it's all about pre-ordering those big ticket items. Otherwise, they fall into the regret category (and I hate when that happens).

One thing I can check off my list for fall — taking my hair darker than my natural color. I just had to do it. While I wish I had the guts to go red (full on bright red, that is), this will do for now. Though, my family isn't quite sure who I am these days. And I keep doing double takes in the mirror.

Here's to fall adventures!

Photo by Craid McDean for W Magazine