girltimeSometimes, we just need some down time. 

Time alone to think. Time with friends to release. Time to take better care of ourselves. Or, all of the above.

Just in this one week, I feel fortunate to have experienced all three. I got my girl time over the weekend, which started the week off on an excellent foot.

On Tuesday, I had a facial (a really good one), which had me reminiscing of the days when I used to have a standing monthly facial appointment at the spa. How did I lose that 'me time' over the last four years?

Tonight, I had three amazing hours in which I thought I would end up working on style reports, but instead worked out, had a quiet dinner and took a steaming hot bath with no one rushing me out. Back-to-back-to-back hours don't come by often. I will take them when I can!

So, this is our wake-up call. Let's start scheduling hours into our day to take care of ourselves. Friend time. Chill time. Spa time. Me time.
laurajamesnumbernecklaceI have always had a thing for numbers. I love numbers! And every number I'm attracted to is odd. Hmmmm, what does that say about me?

Last spring, my fabulous interior designer came across a vintage metal number keychain — a 3! One of my very favorite numbers. So, I had to have it.

Soon thereafter, I noticed the amazing Laura James, local jewelry designer, carrying those same vintage numbers hanging from long ball chains. Of course it was meant to be. So cool.

Since last year, I have collected over five types of vintage numbers. My favorite numbers are 3, 5 and 7 ... and I have many different styles to enjoy. Some are keychains, some I made into necklaces and some just hang from things around my house.

Numbers are comforting to me. So I appreciate when those with a keen eye make them fun to wear ... and decorate with!

For those of you familiar with The Sartorialist, you will love this video. Fashion is always found on the streets, as inspiration is all around us. And Scott Schuman has a way of capturing it all. If you have not tuned into Scott Schuman's blog, you will now. Come along to 57th and Fifth, one of Manhattan's most fabulous corners, and meet a trio of its fashionable dressers. You may be surprised by what and what inspires them.

2011 is a new year. Time to get clear. Really clear.

This is not the year for the same old, same old. This is the year to break loose! Don't you dare let anyone box you in.

So, what does that mean for you?

Perhaps it's time to start saying 'no' to the endless requests and start saying 'yes' to yourself, for your sanity. Maybe it's time to leave the grind and enter into a world with no glass ceiling, one in which you can create and grow. Or, time to finally get that closet organized and your wardrobe in gear. Or, perhaps you focus on your bucket list ... you know the one — that list of all the things you dream about treating yourself to one day (you know, the day you hit the jackpot).

Let's just pretend for a moment that you did hit the jackpot. What would you treat yourself to? Pick one, and do it now. Chances are, you'll never get to it, otherwise.

No boxes, baby. Break free! This is your year.

Three snow days ... no school.

The first day was absolutely glorious — rounding up the kids from the neighborhood to take them sledding (they made the news!), then back to my house for the day, refueling in between the fun game of football in the snow. It's easy keeping warm in the snow with the right gear. However, do not underestimate the value of a heat vent (all mine were covered with hats, gloves and socks). During snow breaks, it was all about technology — Wii, PSP, iPod Touch and iPad all going strong. We started the day at 8:15am and the last friend left at 5pm. My door is ever-revolving on snow days. And I love every second of it.

The second snow day was nothing but ice. Not so fun to walk in, but makes for super fast sledding. This was also the day my children remembered all the tests and projects they forgot to prepare for. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, we spent most of the day inside studying.

Day three. Hmmmm, cabin fever? This is when I dream up photo shoots that entail bathing suits in the snow. Well, resort season is almost here ... you can at least dream of warmer weather. It's around this time we partake in a little pampering — facials, teeth whitening, new hair styles. Bring it on, baby! We certainly deserve it.