How can you truly appreciate spring without a late season ski trip to Colorado?

I couldn't help but send Mr. Winter away for the year with an all-out embrace of everything the season is about. And in my opinion, nothing is better, or more beautiful, than Aspen. Amazing ski conditions, excellent shopping (picked up some fab pieces), yummy restaurants and most importantly, perfect company! Truly, it was an exceptional week.

Aspen fashion, both on the slopes and après-ski, is seriously adventurous. While I realize it's a fleeting moment, what I want now is a feather crimped into my hair! Oh yes, it's all the rage. Will I partake? Wait and see ...


Many thanks goes out to my sister-in-law's parents for allowing us the incredible opportunity of Aspen living for the week. Magnifique!

chanelshortsjacketss11Shorts just seem to get shorter each year, don't they?

I have to admit, I love shorts more in the winter than in the summer. Winter shorts are super fun with tights layered underneath. Of course, a little self tanning lotion allows you to bare those legs this time of year, when it can be chilly one day and warm the next. It's all about being prepared.

While you won't see my legs in shorts in the summer months (trust me, it's not pretty), I admire those long legs that can sport shorts of all hem lengths. 

Of course, it doesn't get any better than CHANEL. So if you were to don a pair of short shorts, this outfit might jump to the top of your list, right? It certainly does mine. The jacket puts it over the top in the luxe department.

With these unspring-like temperatures, I am taking advantage of the many jackets that haven't gotten much love from me this past fall/winter season. Every day brings a new layer. And those with the most spring-inducing color win!

Don't you love it when you find something special that has great purpose, too? A cool piece with the ability to serve a variety of needs other than just what it was created for. As in this old hotel key rack.

The second I found this, I knew I had to have it. Don't get me wrong, I didn't just stumble upon it. I have been looking for something like this for years. And I knew its purpose before I even got my hands on it.

It makes me so happy to see my special lot of earrings displayed this way. Now, if I only had an entire wall made like this ... then all of my jewelry would have a new home!

longlinesallwhiteOh what a week ahead! I'm excited and tired all at the same time.

From purging three clients' closets to shopping with two clients for spring must haves, there is much opportunity for creativity.

Color will certainly play a role, but more importantly, my focus will be to create long lines.

Much like this fabulous picture of Rihanna, a simple long white jersey dress (or jumpsuit), kickin' heels and oversized sunglasses always make a statement. There is no need to complicate the matter.

When dressing for spring, simple can be spectacular! If you choose to go with a neutral foundation piece, make sure it packs a punch. What's your angle? Lengthening your legs, drawing the attention up to your eyes, creating curves? Whichever you choose, ensure that you have the right tools to assist you. Such as really great accessories  ... or me!
colorcomboss11As I head to Savannah for a few days, I think of how the warmth of the sun will feel against my skin. Just the thought of it makes me happy, as we inch closer and closer to the new season.

Of course, that leads to lots of daydreaming of spring. Which then gets me giddy over the fabulous color palette. Which then makes me want to explore more and more color pairings and textures meant just for spring 2011.

So I leave you with this stunning color explosion, to get you contemplating what the season ahead has to offer. Will you step out of the box and experiment with arms wide open? Will you put colors together that you never before imagined?

That's what it's all about. And in the weeks to come, I promise to share some fantastic new color pairings with you to spur on your creativity!