bazaarmar2011The heat has arrived.

I'm not quite ready. The humidity is not my friend. Never has been. Truly, I belong in 68 degree temps, peaking at 75.

However, if I had the legs, this is what I'd be sporting right about now. The perfect 'almost summer' outfit. Fierce red shorts, white blouse, satin jacket and über fabulous handbag! And if I could pick the shoes, they'd be Chloe beige platform wedges, lengthening the leg.

And the hair ... can I just say, this is another hairstyle I'm contemplating. Though, it's not a departure from my current style, just shorter. Oh, another story!

Photo: Harper's BAZAAR March 2011

Everyone has it. Personal style, that is. And while it may be difficult for some to articulate what that means for them individually, there is one person I know who has no problem transforming her everyday visions into covetable masterpieces.

Lisa Sherry, of Lisa Sherry Interieurs, dresses to perfection, no matter the scene. Every. Single. Day. I would describe her style as eclectic, well traveled and always chic. Though, she may add a few more style descriptors to the list! I have always admired her style. It has a way of telling a story ... and I love that.

So it should surprise you not that Lisa snagged the top spot on my best dressed list for the recent Oscar de la Renta event, The Art of Style, last weekend. Wearing a stunning Tadashi Shoji strapless dress complete with feathers (her ultimate dream), she took my breath away. Embracing a season of minimal, but key, accessories, Lisa knows how to make anything glamorous. She was having more than just a 'princess moment' at the Oscar event. These are everyday moments in the world of stylish Lisa Sherry.

I am thrilled to announce another 'don't miss' opportunity ... this one designed for companies, both small and large, trying to make an impact in the blogosphere. This Thursday, yours truly will be the special guest on "Ask Lizzy." Join me and host PR whiz Lizzy Shaw on Thursday, April 28 at 9 am PST/12 pm EST to learn how to pitch [your products] to a fashion/beauty blogger. Call in, listen to great conversation and get all your burning questions answered about pitching, press materials, deadlines, contact methods and more!

lizzyshawprasklizzyTHIS THURSDAY, APRIL 28
Time: 9 am (Pacific)/12 pm (Eastern)
Dial in: 424-203-8000
Pin: 593787#
I'm coming off a high. Two amazing events in one day. It just doesn't get any better.

Sunday night, my newly designed website launched. I cannot believe all the wonderful comments I have received already! Overwhelmed with joy. And seriously thrilled beyond belief.

To top it off, I had an amazing photo shoot on an absolutely perfect Sunday. The weather couldn't have been better. However, it was my model, the gorgeous Christie, that ate up my camera lens. Let's just say, every picture was a stunning picture. Some of the shoot is posted here. Spectacular!

This image expresses exactly how I feel right now. And, this happens to be one of my favorites of Christie!


Photo credit: C.Horgan Productions

balloon1 In another day or two, things will look a little different around here.

And there is much to celebrate!

Just as I work with clients to help identify and express their personal brand, it was time for my business brand to get under the microscope.

As I tell all of my clients, personal style is a gradual and evolving journey. If you have visited Closet of Style TV, you have seen the many iterations of the Closet of Style® logo, as well as a few for [my] style files.

After a little style discovery, focus groups and major soul searching, Closet of Style® is ready to unveil its new look!

The new CoS brand is all about style. My style. The foundation revolves around my tear sheets and how I work with my clients. From my personal photo shoot with the amazing model, Brook Written by Catherine Horgan
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