Who doesn't love opening up a beautifully wrapped gift? While the look of the package is no indication of what's inside, there's no denying how we gravitate toward the pretty present.

It makes sense, as most of us are visual types. Spending a little extra time wrapping gifts goes a long way. It's no different than getting yourself dressed each morning. Forethought matters. After all, second (and third) glances always go to those wrapped up in style!


Photo from Simone LeBlanc Inc

What's your happy color? Perhaps you have a few. I'm sure you have figured out that my favorite color is blue. And I love it best paired with green. However, my happy colors involve any combination of red, pink and orange. So when I stumbled upon this image, I had to share.

With bold colors being in the forefront this season, there's no better time to whip out those happy colors. You may even decide to throw some caution to the wind!
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I always enjoy the challenge of taking a few statement makers and mixing them together in the most magnificent way. Like in this over-the-top ensemble of fur: gray mongolian fur skirt, brown plush fur-sleeved coat and white long-hair fur handbag. That's a lot of fur. But I love it! Of course, the casualness of adding a wood paddle may have something to do with it. The key to this look — bare legs and flat lace-up boots.

Remember, this concept has many outlets. Another being color. Your brilliant statement may just be 2-3 vivid hues mixed together. 

I'm having another black moment. This time, it's all about the gemalicious jacket. And the coordinating pieces in black (well, aside le.cothe dress peeking through ... oh, and the red lips). Scrumptious detail!

For me, it's more about the emotion in this image. I'm compelled to recreate it. When I express this inspiration through my personal style, it may not look a thing like the picture, yet I will certainly evoke the subtle confidence.

So take this moment to find your inspiration, whatever that may be, and express it in a way that suits you best.

dirtymartinistill day dreaming about my tropical paradise. And why not? It certainly has provided for one amazing theme this week. Besides, all of a sudden, I have this extra skip in my step!

So, if I were laying beach side, watching the sunset, what spirits might I partake in? Mission critical for any relaxing getaway is setting the tone at the onset. In my opinion, go with a sure thing. For me, that's a dirty martini.

Most tropical spirits happen to be sweet and that's not my thing. Really, you can't go wrong with an oldie but goodie. Like this recipe le.coMichael Chiarello le.cothe Food Network. 
  • 2 1/2 shots Gin (I prefer Ketel One or Grey Goose vodka)
  • 1/2 shot of brine le.cococktail olives
  • 1/8 shot extra-dry Vermouth
Shake ingredients with ice in cocktail shaker and strain. Serve chilled.