Some drama, I love. Especially when it comes to fashion. However, drama that's delivered in the simplest of forms sometimes has the most impact. 

As in this beautiful image. 

Cropped cardigan. Bra and panty set. On the bank of a river near an old bridge. Oh, top it off with 2-tone fabric draped against the model's legs. Not only does it make her look 10 feet tall, but it also gives the illusion of a mermaid against the water. 

How fantastic is this?

Today, I will carry this confidence with me. No matter what I am wearing


Photo from youthiswastedonthey0ung

redgreenglamHave you ever seen holiday red and green together in a more glamorous way than this?

I sure haven't.

Of course, the dramatic make-up and hair elevate the fabulous factor. This look completely revs me up for the week ahead. One sure to be filled with side-by-side color pairings you'd never expect to see. I can't wait to get into my clients' closets!

In the meantime, I challenge you to experiment with color. Play, play, play!

Coming off a photo shoot from Friday, I can attest that there are a rainbow of colors to consider. Like orange, coral, pink and yellow. The bolder the better!

Photo from Vogue Japan October 2011
weekoffunWhat a week ahead!

I am really looking forward to styling my fabulous clients! It is sure to be a week filled with lots of color, a little bit of edge, spontaneity, and, of course, loads of fun!

While most of the week will be spent styling one-on-one, you can also catch me this Wednesday on Charlotte Today sharing various ways we can erase years from our face. Good stuff. Doable stuff. 

What will you focus on this week? Have you set that one ambitious, but attainable, goal? Whatever it may be, make it yours and enjoy this week.

Photo from youthiswastedonthey0ung
nyeathomeHow did you spend your New Year's Eve-ning?

Were you lavishly dressed and ready to go out? Or, did you opt for something a bit more casual and watch the ball drop from the comfort of your home?

Either way, I am sure you celebrated in style.

As I look back at the year in review, I am thankful for every second spent with loved ones — family, friends, clients. And I appreciate those learning moments, where at the time seemed tough lessons to endure.

I am especially eager to define a happy and successful year ahead.

So, what does 2012 have in store for you?

Photo from Be Infinite
sweatercupThis is the perfect time of year.

To reflect.

To gather your thoughts.

To dream.

To prepare to set one personal goal for 2012.

No list. Just one thing. If you focus on just one goal, you are likely to succeed. How great would that feel?

The fact of the matter is, we put too much on ourselves with each incoming year. And it doesn't feel good looking at a list we cannot come close to conquering. Don't overcommit, but do dream.

Appreciate you for who you are. And enjoy setting that one special intention for yourself that you truly look forward to reaching and, perhaps, exceeding.

Photo by Crush Cul de Sak