Time to get dirty.

Stop putting off those items on your To Do list this summer. Take control. Get it done. I, for one, am guilty of many things — one of which is not cleaning up my office. There is so much to file!

So today, I will get dirty. And I dedicate this item that I can now cross off my list to you.


Photo from C.Horgan Productions

School is out and I'm ready to escape to this fabulous place (sure wish I knew where it was). Lounging around at a pool overlooking the ocean, while covered from the sun — perfect for me and my sun-sensitive skin! And perhaps the opportune time to show a little midriff.


Photo from Where is the Cool?

Love this. And yes — it's true. But I don't want to work tonight.

I'm exhausted. Yet, there's so much amazingness right around the corner. I just need to get through another few weeks and then, perhaps, I can reward myself with a spa day (or weekend, really).

Days like these, I am thankful for my beautiful family, making every crazy day completely worth it, and my incredibly awesome clients that allow me to style their lives.

Tomorrow brings a new day to inspire. And I'll be ready.

After getting home from a freezing cold evening of back-to-back lacrosse games, I couldn't wait to jump back into a few of my favorite winter pieces (read: big furry coat and down slippers). You'd think that my Prairie Underground knee-length hoodie, vinyasa scarf and two blankets would shield me from the chill. However, they were no match for the whipping wind.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset with the cooler temps. In fact, I welcome them. There will be enough heat to go around sooner than we want, after all. So until then, my jackets and scarves are high on life!


Photo from youthiswastedonthey0ung

There are many color pairings that make me happy. However, these have to make me the happiest. Pink and orange. Red and pink. Orange and red. Or, all three put together. Fun, energetic and magnetic!

Handbag: Marc Jacobs; Bracelet: Dannijo; Earrings: Oscar de la Renta; Shoes: Charlotte Olympia; Scarf: Bottega Veneta