It dawned on me the other day that I am a bit unique when it comes to inspiration for dressing day-to-day. Everyone has their "thing" that motivates them to wear a certain outfit. One might think I was a shoe-in for ... well ... shoes. As much as I love shoes and my belief that they complete the look of any outfit, I start with my eyes. Is that strange? Every morning, I take great pride in making up my eyes - picking out the right eyeliner with the right eye shadow and applying the right mascara. My rule of thumb is that you should never match your eye shadow to your clothing, so immediately I look for complementary color options in my closet. Essentially, I design my outfit around make-up. And I never thought of it that way before. But honestly, taking into consideration how I get dressed in the morning and how I coordinate my outfit for the day, it's all around the make-up.

Just the other day, I took my Shu Uemura MA (make-up artist) at Neiman's up on her offer to give me a make-over with the new spring colors. I never disclose my business and what I do, because I don't want my MA to over think her approach. Two thumbs up that she remembered the last episode with the facial - and what not to put on my skin. Another two thumbs up for plucking and shaping my eyebrows and not charging me (of course, I made up for it with my purchase). And a high five for applying the most amazing false eyelashes on me! They are so cool! I really enjoyed my time with my Shu girl and love my new products. See, it's all about the make-up.

My sister is an accessory girl - her outfit is always designed around the accessories she wants to wear for the day. Her style of dressing is classic ... of course to showcase her accessories. And while I am hoping to tie in my two new Hermes scarves and plan my day around one of these, I still can't imagine not thinking about what color to do my eyes while wearing one of my new scarves. Everyone has their own motivation for dressing each morning. And I want to hear about yours.

So, what's your inspiration?

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