measredYou didn't think I'd do it, did you?

I'll be honest, at any given moment leading up to my appointment, I wasn't sure I'd actually go through with it.

But I did.

Ironically, my original hair appointment was rescheduled. I panicked, thinking maybe that was a sign I shouldn't go red. However, days later, I mustered up the nerve to go for it.

Edward and I talked about going with a safe red. However, I knew I needed to do more, or it wouldn't really be going red (for me). Edward mixed up some magic and voilà, I'm now a rich, delicious red!

Looking back at my 'favorite reds' collage, there is no doubt my hair is most like the second in from the left — the red I never thought I'd be brave enough to do. Crazy! And yes, it looks even brighter than that in the sun. Edward matched my skin tone perfectly, though, so it works. It's cool, yet in the sun, has a lot of warmth to it.

I must admit, I had my freak out moments. In fact, on the second day of going red, I scheduled a toning appointment. Edward talked me down off the cliff and was very patient with me. I'm sure he was rolling his eyes the whole time, knowing I'd come around. And I did. Shortly thereafter, I canceled the appointment.

So what's it like being a redhead? I think it's too soon to say, as it hasn't quite been a week. Some days, the lighting is my best friend and I love the color. Other days, my head looks like it's on fire. Red changes constantly. Once I get used to that, I will completely own this look.

Until then, I am certainly enjoying the feistiness that comes with being a redhead. While initially I was careful to go easy with makeup and clothing, now I am not afraid to wear my red cords with my red hair. Why not? I'm not a stranger to color, so I should experiment on a daily basis. After all, reds fade faster than any other hair color. It won't be long before I am auburn. Which I will embrace, as well.

Reactions are surprising. I honestly can't believe how many people love red on me. In fact, everyone else seems to be more on board with red than I am. My hubby, though — not so much (maybe in time?). My kids have finally adjusted. My family and friends love it. I even catch men staring at me in the grocery store (I think for the right reasons).

Whatever the day brings, I look forward to it with a new sense of adventure!

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