Life is busy these days. Very busy. Busy ... like, I am watching my life just pass me by months at a time. Crazy, huh? It used to be days, then weeks ... but now, it's just months. Don't get me wrong, I love every waking minute of my life - time with my children and husband, the activities that stem from it, my work and my passions. I just have to find the balance ... and I will, soon.

So in the craziness of life last Saturday (translation: three soccer games and three birthday parties), I found inner peace for one hour. One hour. It's called retail therapy. I wish I could say I've been good about scheduling time at the Spa, but I haven't. But when you show up for the third birthday party and it's the one you don't have to stay for (drop off, hurray!), don't think I didn't take advantage of it. So off to the mall I went.

You know, you really can accomplish a lot in an hour. Unfortunately, I wasted 35 minutes at Nordstrom where I rarely have luck in the clothing department. Cosmetics and shoes, yes. Clothing, not so much. The last 25 minutes were well spent. I went to one store and found jeans (yes, holy cow, I found jeans that fit and were actually flattering - which for those who know my body type ... very difficult), black pants, a top and of course, none other than, a jacket!

710606_gdr_bIt's gold velveteen with patch pockets and stylishly buckled 3/4 length sleeves. There are buckles on the back, as well. When I put it on, it was a no brainer. Yeah, a jacket!! It's a great neutral to my wardrobe and can be worn as outerwear or simply as an accent piece. I left happy and light - I think I almost skipped out of the mall. What an hour can do. And I suppose I could have done the usual things for a given hour of time - read, walk or work on [my] site ... but I don't often get to shop for myself (always for clients), so this seemed the most logical choice.

I picked up my daughter (a few minutes early, thank you) and she was in a blissful state as well - as this birthday party was "girls only." And let me tell you the fun they had ... dressing up. Hair and make-up to boot, dancing on stage, and getting their pictures taken. And even though my daughter hates to shop (I kid you not!), she is truly a girl - my girl.

And fortunately for me, this happiness carried me so far that I tucked my BlackBerry away on Monday for half the day. No calls, no emails. I was in control for once and it felt amazing. So, for those of you sucked into the daily madness of insane schedules and "to dos" to keep up with, do something for yourself today - if only for an hour.

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