There are some color combinations that are simply scrumptious. Take red and hot pink. Every Spring, I fall in love with these vibrant colors over and over again. While there are many ways to mix these colors, this day-to-evening look will take you many places.


Say you are heading to a luncheon ... this tulip skirt works beautifully with this one-shoulder ruffle top. Very feminine. To make it playful, add a dark, detailed belt and mesh basket sandals. This leopard clutch is super chic and goes with just about everything! Go minimal with jewelry - these earrings are all you need.

For evening, simply switch out your belt for a little glitz and change into some spectacular peep-toe heels. You are ready for dinner out with your significant other, friends or clients.
A kaftan is a perfectly stylish cover up. However, did you know that it also looks great with white jeans? I am all about putting multiple outfits together from one core piece. As a stylist, I help my clients get more mileage out their wardrobe.

This fabulous kaftan makes for a fashionable cover up over this bathing suit. After the beach or pool, simply switch out the suit for white jeans. Chic, comfortable and easy. You are ready for a beachside dinner with your significant other or a patio dinner with friends. Enjoy!


This time of year, sweaters need to be pulled out of the closet. The great thing about sweaters, is that they provide a ton of warmth. And they fall into the "easy dressing" category. It doesn't take much to get a finisheda ton of" dausweaters,if (ou k!--more-->cnow thw th minx nd metch<, as wel ab ccessorieze/a>. Tp style="text-align: center;">bew weaters, width= /p> ts - nd mwuldeworks wel aor asver,a ody cype". /> Byadd ng ab few ky fccessories/,auswmplyeswiaterscake oneauswhoyesew cton This lprticllar pandbagsmakes fardrobe sransfiion=a bereezt, asit aoes with jprctioall(yeverything!.I heav to radmit I hm al bigfal of wurnle=necksweaters nwhn bit'sreadl(yeolo out ide . Byadd ng ab elt swarefor alog aneckaces,my ts nd mstuning /hoes", kyepng /he "bcessories/swmplye. Wth yhuics"playfng ab eigfroyesa href="/component/montent/6-closet-of-style/personal-style/1486-fashion-can-transform-?Itemid=25">shis , Ihe cersonal-sryle=/a>,!/div><
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