When it comes to expressing your personal style, don't be afraid to take cues from your home. The colors, textures, patterns and even shapes can move you in a way that you never expected! Don't overthink it. Remember, it can be as simple as this gorgeous wall color.


One of the easiest ways to pull in this aqua color is through accessories. Here are some fabulous pieces that will work into your wardrobe for most of the year.



blackwhitetextureheavenAs much as I love color (and I really do), there are moments where all I want to wear is high contrast. Probably because it's not the best pairing for me. So, I like to rebel every now and again.

Just like this.

This is sheer heaven. The textures. The patterns. And, of course, the black and white uncolors.

Look at this jacket. I mean ... seriously. It's fabulous! Paired with this embellished lace overlay dress and Jimmy Choo handbag. Delish. And my favorite ... the Miu Miu shoes!

Crazy good.
Recently, I spoke at an event on the topic of how your home can (and should) inspire how you dress. Case in point: the fabulous home décor below. Everything about it says chic, even the color and texture combinations. So why limit that to just your home when you can wear it? Here's how.

sequinsleggings4holidayYou know I am all about the leg wear of the season, so of course I am experimenting with sequins leggings this year.

In the spirit of the holidays (still trying to find mine), why don't we have a little fun with style?

There is bound to be a holiday party where you can take a little risk. Say, at a close friend's house where you know everyone attending. Here's your opportunity to take a statement sparkler and mix in some edge.

Whether you have full on sequins leggings, or a pair with sequins side stripes, you have to admit these are entertaining. There are several looks to try, but I love how these, in particular, feel light, playful and say "I didn't try too hard to put this together."

Such a bold piece calls for a simple mix of accessories — though, don't be afraid to add in some major color and detail. Simple here is the 'less is more' philosophy without skimping on edgy attitude (read: colorful patterned clutch against patterned sweater dress, or red crystal ring + turquoise/black cuff against a varying length sparkly top with tuxedo stripe sequins leggings).

Which look will you try? Better yet, create something new, something so you, and share in the comments below.
purplevelvetlongjacketI love velvet. Even more, plush velvet jackets — especially in the color of royalty!

This Versus velvet jacket is so fabulous, it doesn't take much to complete the look. Keep it streamlined, but don't be afraid to add in other textures and detail, as long as they are on the simple side.

The jacket is long enough to cover your rear, so try leather/stretch jersey leggings. They are perfect paired with a black jersey turtleneck for the foundation layer.

I am gaga over these buckled suede boots, thanks to Marc by Marc Jacobs. And the fur bag ... I just had to! Jewelry is easy, go for a brass ring and art deco earrings. Nothing else will be seen, so there's no need to bother.

Smooth, smart and smashing style!