detailrepetitionThere can never be too many date nights, in my opinion. Unfortunately, they are few and far between these days. However, I have managed to schedule a surprise date night this Thursday to celebrate hubby's birthday. (I'm not afraid to post this, he never reads my blog.)

It is a rare day, let alone week, when we give our undivided attention to our spouse for more than, let's say, a minute. Work, kids, sports/activities can be all consuming. That's why date nights are so special. The deserving 1:1 time.

So I say, fancify it! Why not get all gussied up? Pull out that fancy silk chiffon dress that you've tucked away in your closet. What in the world are you waiting for? An invitation?

This fantastically feminine dress is the perfect way to show your spouse, or significant other, just how much he is loved and valued. Besides, taking the time to get ready is half the fun, especially when your husband doesn't know you are pulling on this little number!

Detail repetition works beautifully in moderation. And I absolutely love this look. Taking the beaded stripe detail and repeating the print and coloring in the shoes and clutch is so complementary. Pull out a little color from your dress in a unique cocktail ring or bracelet. Then, consider the opposite color on the color wheel for earrings.

Now, step back and take a moment to admire. You are looking fly. And, ready for that fancy date!


summerbluegreenstripe11The summer of stripes!

This season, great foundation pieces make all the difference. Like this Milly dress. It’s comfortable and easy to wear. And it takes the pressure off of accessorizing. In fact, it screams for more blue + green goodness, such as these Alexis Bittar green hoop earrings and this blue croc handbag. I'm loving the neutral flatform with this outfit, keeping the style relaxed and summer ready.

If you love wearing blue and green but are unsure of how to wear the colors together initially, perhaps start with a simple formula: green handbag + blue scarf (or vice versa). Accessories make it easy to experiment if you’re wearing a neutral outfit. The key is not being afraid to play around with what’s in your closet. You may surprise yourself with the options you come up with!
lsiinspirationYou never know where the next inspiration will come from. To me, that's the best part of personal style. Keeping an open mind is the easiest way to instill freshness into your style.

When I revisited the charming Minneapolis home styled by Lisa Sherry Interieurs (as featured in Lonny mag), the perfect outfit popped into my head. Not only am I sharing the inspired ensemble, I also decided to put an official name to the series I have previously referred to, in one form or fashion, as 'How To Wear Your Home.' From this point on, the series will be called 'Wear That Room with CoS.'

Home décor should influence what you wear. The common thread (no pun intended) is creativity. Take this vignette ... the light + airy sofa (love the oversized check) with decorative pillows (houndstooth and floral). Look at what you can do with it!

The color palette and patterns work beautifully for an everyday look. Starting with this Zero+MariaCornejo tribal print dress. Fabulous! Paired with this Lotus clutch, Nicholas Kirkwood cutout booties and Laura James jewelry ... I am ready to wear it now!




Photo of room above from

sorbetoutfitSpring is all about color. Incredibly high-spirited color. Color that makes you happy just looking at it.

Among all the fabulousness that is spring, one of the easiest ways to be a part of the season is by use of palette. With pink, orange and yellow front and center this season, there is much to celebrate! These colors were meant to be mixed together. And their partner in crime, coral, is happy to jump in and play along.

Taking three colors of the spring palette, I've created an outfit that envelops a season of fun and freedom. I have always been obsessed with floor length skirts, and this Jil Sander skirt is beyond cool. Paired with a simple white tee, accessorizing is a snap — hoop earrings, long necklace and cuff bracelet. Round it out with yellow sandals and an orange tassel handbag, and you're set!

Inspiration is everywhere! There isn't a day that goes by where I don't invite the beautiful things that I encounter into my life, my vision and my personal style. Whether it's a geographic location, home décor, chic boutique or a page out of a fashion magazine, I let it all in so that I can take that emotion and interpret what it means to me personally in how I dress.

Case in point: these fabulous high contrast horizontal striped walls! Bold, graphic, yet clean. Take this concept into your closet. With a dress so front and center, the accessories become easy. Mix in a few solid colors, such as a blue bangle, white earrings and green heels. Bring in texture with a straw clutch. It's that simple. And it's oh so good.